Saturday, April 14, 2012

A beautiful day in the neighborhood :)

As the girls are marinading in the tub (don't worry, they are being watched) I though I'd blog about our great day.

We got up this morning and had breakfast then packed for the zoo. I haven't been to the zoo with them by myself before. I wasn't really sure how to get to this zoo but we figured it out and had an awesome time. They were very well behaved and .... I had to get them out of the tub so I lost my train of thought .. hmmm Oh yeah. We went to lunch and went home.

They passed out in the car but as soon as we got home, they woke up. When Donald got home we decided to take a bus to Hoboken and let the girls play in the sandpit at Frank Sinatra Park. Yeah the sandpit grosses me out a bit if I think about it, so I don't. I let the girls play all they wanted . .. for 3 hours. We shared a Ritas Geletini (juicy pear, yumm!) and went to Tunes, a second hand music store. While waiting for the bus I ran in and bought a bottle of water to rinse the girls hands and faces. They were so dirty (thus the marinading in the tub).

This was the girls first and second time on a bus. They loved it. Of course they didn't understand why they had to sit down so that was an issue but it was less than 5 minutes so it wasn't too bad.

The weather was perfect as well. I love Spring. Such a beautiful season.

Work has so many things coming up as well. This coming week we are spending the week celebrating the Young Child with things like silly hat and sock day, ice cream sundae day, costume day, picnic day and pajama day. We are also learning the letter P so I thought a Pasta Party would tie up the lesson just fine. That should be great. All the parents signed up to bring something. We are planning a Mothers Day snack party and so far 100% of the moms are attending. I was worried some moms wouldn't be able to make it and I felt bad but it doesn't look to be the case.

I am having a hard time with the menu though. I thought about decorating cupcakes but I have egg allergies, so I thought mini english muffin fruit pizzas would be yummy. I also thought a chocolate/pretzel snack mix would be good but who knows. Anyway for the fruit pizzas I thought we'd start with a toasted english muffin, strawberry cream cheese and strawberries and blueberries on top.

I'm open to ideas :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter :)

We've had such a blessed Easter weekend. On Friday, we went shopping. We got the girls some new sneakers and I got a new wallet (yay) and they girls and hubby got some new clothing. Shopping is always fun :)

On Saturday, a few of my friends and I got together to go see Mirror, Mirror and lunch at Panera. No kids. Nobody needing anything for 4 hours. It was nice. The movie was so good. I'm a huge Julia Roberts fan and even though she was evil in this movie, I still loved her and her character :) Lunch was so yummy. Half a sandwich and some creamy broccoli cheddar soup.. yum-o. I even snuck home an orange scone and ate it after the girls went to bed.

When I got home, we took the girls to the park for a few hours. They played soccer, blew bubbles and ran around. They were exhausted. We came home, made a quick dinner, gave the girls a bath and within 3 minutes of laying down, they and were out.

Today I took the girls on a picnic. It was so windy but they had fun. It's a pretty big park, on a hill next to a river. So pretty but I lost Karly. We were with another family we are close with and I was watching the older kids play ball while Karly and Katie sat next to me having a few sips. A few minutes later, I look over and I realize Karly is gone. I leave Katie and go running towards the play area and I see her climbing a large rock wall. She turns around, looks at me and waves. Thank goodness she was safe and sound but it was kind of a wake up call. Sometimes one gets too comfortable and lets their guard down and nowadays it seems like there is someone evil waiting for that moment.

We went to a friends house afterwards for some food and an egg hunt. All in all it was a pretty good day.

Now some pics :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

I'm dreaming of vacation. ..

This year we've planned out a fun filled vacation for our little family of 4. We plan on visiting as usual but our girls are older and spending our family vacation sitting on ppls sofas doesn't sound like fun when you think about it.

We are always so busy working and trying to get through our day. This year we plan on slowing down, sleeping, letting the girls really explore and play.

I'm thinking of dipping our toes in the Roubideux. A river so clear you can see the bottom. We did it last year as an after thought and it was a little too cool because it was dark.

An overnight trip to St. Louis. We are heading out early to see a Cardinals game. Donald is really excited to do this. Katie is too. Karly and I are thinking "July. In Missouri. In a packed stadium. During the day." Yeeeeeaaaaah :)

Also during our trip to St. Louis we will be taking the girls to the St. Louis Zoo. It's a pretty big zoo. My mom and sister and maybe some other family are meeting us up there. Other than parking, it's free. Can't beat free.

Our Family reunion. Everyone agreed to change it so we could attend. That was very thoughtful of them. I haven't been to a reunion in years.

The girls Birthday party :) I can't believe they are turning 4. How in the world did that happen?

The incredible pizza place. Nuff said :) We love that place. We are meeting my dad there to celebrate the girls' birthday with him since he doesn't do anything family related.

Anyway that's 2 weeks of awesomeness.

In other news, I went to get a mani today and I asked my mother in law to watch the girls. Well I'm pretty sure my parenting skills won't be getting judged anytime soon :)

Karlys been having this issue of screaming when she gets embarrassed, is tired, can't get what she wants etc. Donald and I ignore her. We will walk over her and leave the room if needed. We will not feed in to it or try to stop her. It only gets worse when we do. We get judged each time.

Wellll today Karly did this to my mother in law for the first time and mother in law wasn't happy. So I politely said "Now you know it's not us and why we ignore her" she replied with "that's terrible" Am I wrong? Thought not.

Happy Easter :)