Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I should just post while watching the girls finish dinner..

I was going to blog while they finished dinner BUT then Katie wanted to skip dinner and get snuggles instead. Now it's time to give them a bath so here's hoping I actually blog tonight. If not, I'll just post this. ..

Okay so they are laying peacefully in their beds (hopefully falling peacefully asleep) so I can now write out my thoughts.

Tonight was for the memory books. During dinner, they were yelling out their colors. "Boo Geen" it was A-dorable! They have two shapes down-Circle and Star and I'm pretty sure Karly is saying Square and Triangle but she says it really fast and it's hard to make out. When the girls got out of the tub, I dried them off and they ran off into the living room. It was cute (as usual) but when I was brushing out their hair they actually let me braid it. So they each have the cutest braid. When they got up, they were dancing to some music and it was such a happy time but it just kind of hit me that although they will always be MY babies, they aren't babies anymore.

We are planning their birthday party. We weren't going to do anything but the thought of not celebrating their birthday was kind of getting to me. Nothing huge, 8 adults-6 children, BBQ in the backyard, some water play etc. We had a small budget that I blew with spending $50 just on decorations and plates/cups and napkins. Oh well, they only turn 2 once right? haha

We are thinking of getting a year membership to Liberty Science Center. I think the girls would enjoy it and there are so many hands on exhibits that they can participate in. It's around $60 for a family of 4 to go so I'm thinking that we will want to go more than once (more in the fall, winter and spring) and a membership is the way to go.

The last thing on my mind is my car. We had to take it in January for the recall on the control arm (mine broke the week it was due in) No cost to me but it did cost me $150 to tow it in as it was undriveable. Then in Feb, we had the blizzard and my battery exploded causing lots of a damage. It cost me $800 to fix it and $895 for a rental for 2 weeks. Then yesteray, it died backing up. I brought it in and today they told me there was nothing wrong with it but it needed around $800 in maintenance on it. I'm annoyed. I've bought new tired for it 2 times in 8 years, I change the oil when it's due, I've had the belts changed..even the expensive timing belt..when the manufactureer says to and we try to just keep it in good condition because we can' afford another car right now. Well today we had to get new breaks on the front, clean the back breaks, change the air filter and do something with the emergency break. What does this all add up to? Over $400. I'm stressed out at spending large amounts of money on this car. We were told all the spark plugs and wires need to be replaced too because it's time but we'll look someone else that isn't going to charge $300 for it.

I think I've rambled on enough. I have to make the girls lunches for tomorrow and get stuff ready. I've been doing it all on my own this week as Donald as to leave very early in the morning (which sucks).

The three pictures below: the girls napping at the Martin family reunion, Katie at GGs house with the chickens and Karly NOT using her table manners (we thought it was cute).

Monday, June 28, 2010

Bad blogger yet again!

I've missed two pregnancy announcements! Congrats Teri and Kristen!

Things have been very busy around here. We went on vacation and ended up spending two weeks in Missouri. It was nice, very very hot and sticky, but it was nice. The girls enjoyed themselves so much. Now we are working on their second birthday party.
Being away from the house 745-6 everyday is becoming more difficult as the work at home builds up. I need to go through the girls toys and start weeding them out, I need to clean out closets, this whole place needs a scrub down from top to bottom but when? I'm hoping Donald can get a weekend off one day and he can take the girls out while I clean. Cleaning with them here is pointless, they want to "help" and that makes more work for mommy.
The girls are doing just awesome! They are both starting to talk like crazy. I was going to call Early Intervention for Katies speach but Donald decided that we should just start school first and see what she picks up. He thinks I'm being a worry-wort. I can't help it. It's just the way I am. Watching them grow has been the single most amazing thing I've ever been a part of. They are both just so beautiful and smart. I miss them so much during the day but as Donald keeps reminding me, in 2 short months they will be with me, at my school all day. I can't wait. I just picked up the forms today and I need to pay the deposit.
Speaking of work, it's pretty hectic there too. Before I had the girls, everything was organized and handed in before it was due. Now I'm rushing it in the minute it's due and I'm okay with that. I've gotten a messy with my organization but hey, my boss doesn't notice and it drives me crazy sometimes, I'm still getting everything done and more importantly, done right.

We've been talking about moving. Moving where? I don't know. We don't know where we want to live. We have established that we will move in 2013 and we will go where there are great jobs and where we feel we can settle down and raise our children, maybe even try for another (the odds of that are not good lol) but that's a few years down the road.