Thursday, February 28, 2008

We bought bedding!

Here is the bedding I finally bought! I love it. We got a great deal on it too. It was originally priced for 129$, which is a great price in itself but we wanted to save as much as we could and it was on sale! We were able to get it for 79.99 after the sale discount and the coupon we had! Because we only spent 80, we decided to get the mobile that matched it and that was 35 originally but we got it for a little over 20! So we got both pieces for less than 100. I am so happy we went today. Also today, I finally registered. We went to babies r us and spent a little over an hour adding things to the registry. It feels great to finally be doing baby stuff.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Forgot something...

Here is my baby A. We don't know the gender of this baby. I will continue to think of this baby as my boy until told otherwise :)

This is Baby B (the Peri guessed 75% chance) our girl.
No matter the genders, we aren't really caring one way or the other, we are extremely happy and consider ourselves very blessed to have these two beautiful babies. I can't wait to meet them.

Lets talk maternity pants...

They are so unbelieveably comfortable. I don't think I'll ever go back to regular pants :). They actually feel like sweatpants but they're not!

Okay so tomorrow I'll complete 18 weeks. I'll be starting my 19th week on Monday. I can't believe that as of tomorrow I'll be 4.5 months. Time flies. I have 10 weeks left of work. My next appointment is 3/3 and hopefully they'll tell me for sure what my babies are. I really want to know.

I felt them move again this morning. I haven't felt them move in awhile. I get nervous but then I try to remember that they are small. About the size of sweet potatoes according to the baby books. So I have two sweet potatoes in my belly :). Morning sickness is still going on. It comes and goes, no where near as bad as it was but it's still there.

Today we are going to buy our crib set. I haven't been able to settle on one duck/frog theme so we'll see which one we actually buy. We will be buying the crib at the end of march or beginning of April. I want to set it up when we buy it, so we have to wait until we are ready to do that. We need to more our room around to set up a crib (2 in a few months) and a rocker. I've decided I want the rocker by the window so we can look out while we rock :). That is one moment I look foward to the most. Sitting and rocking my babies.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ducks and Frogs

We have been talking about doing ducks and frogs for our "girls" (still unsure about genders) but I think it's cute. Yellow and green are very adorable colors.

Lets talk Round Ligament Pain. There should be a form that everyone gets at the beginning that says something along the lines of "During the first part of the second trimester, you will experience some painful attacks on the right side of you lower abdomen/pelvic area. It will actually feel like you've torn your tummy muscle and your insides will be falling out at anytime." Now. Only the first attack was that bad. The rest have been kind of really really uncomfortable but I wasn't informed that this would be happening and actually thought that I had torn something. I moved the wrong way yesterday and since then, I've been sore. It's a stabbing pain that feels like electricity shooting around my lower abs. Not that I have abs. It's pretty much a rounded pouch. That's my complaint for now...

We bought bottles. We bought some soothie bottles. They had this cute gift set. It was winnie the pooh and they had their own little drying rack that held nipples, lids and bottles and had a cover when they were dry. They are stage two but soooo cute. Couldn't pass it up.

Today we did more "shopping". Picked out some things and filed them in our heads until we know what these precious babies are! It's actually driving me nuts not being able to buy anything. We have a little over 4 months left and I still haven't bought anything! Except for the dr suess onsies and bottles.

Next month we will be going to get our crib. I hope to get that put together and all nice before too long. I can't wait to see it all put together.

Well because we spent the entire day out and about...almost 9 hours..i'm exhausted and am calling it a night. I soooo do not want to work tomorrow. I should have 11 kids, lets hope I have a few less. And I will be working 9 hours unless I can sneak out early. I really need a new dr's note. I'm gettin gone in two weeks.

Take care and goodnight.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

17 weeks almost complete!

I got to experience the greatest feeling last night. I went to bed around 8:30 pm and as I was drifting off, I felt it! It was a kick! At first I thought it might be gas but after a few more times I called my dh in hoping he'd feel it too. When he got there, they were done but it was amazing.

I haven't been sleeping all that well. I used to sleep on my stomach but lately that hurts..yes I know.. so I've been sleeping on my sides. The problem with sleeping on my side is that my arms and hands go numb. I have something called a "shoulder impengement" It means that the shoulder blade is set in the wrong spot so when I move my arms the wrong way, it pinches the nerves under my collar bone, thus arms and hands fall asleep. It hasn't bothered me in a long time. I wen to PT when I was a teen but now It seems to be back. Even typing my left hand is falling asleep. So sleeping has become a distaster.

They babies, as I mentioned in a previous post, are doing remarkable. I am hoping it last til our c section date. Holy cow! That is in 20 weeks!! I just realized that. We have chosen our beautiful names and we aren't telling anyone but I can tell you, the are very wonderful to us.

Work is becoming a problem. At my last OB appointment, we discussed my work schedule and she said it was to much. I was supposed to cut down to 40/week but no more than 8/day and that 8 must include time to sit and relax or several breaks. I have the kids laying down from 12-230 so that's my downtime. Well, silly me, when I go out to the nurses station to pick up the note, she asked "How many hours?" I answer stupidly "40" so the nurse writes down 40/week, no more until further notice. When I had the papar to my boss, she looks at it and I say "The dr said no more the 8 hours including breaks" she says ok then tells me since I can in late today and will come in late tomorrow (mon and tues) that I can continue working my 9-10 hour days because it won't be over 40!!! Can you believe that?? So now I have to get a revised copy of the note.

I also told her my last day would be May 2nd, if everything went okay. If not, I'd be out sooner. At least she has her day, 2.5 months ahead. My responsiblity to my class has been fullfilled. It's up to her to find my replacement. I can't feel my left hand anymore so I'm going to end this here.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Fifth Month..

So, I'm now 5 days into the 5th month. Here's what I know. I do not have gestational diabetes. I am immune to the 5th disease. I will have my cervix checked every 3 weeks. My babies are 5 oz each and are about 5 inches long. Their heads, stomachs, bladders and legs are the perfect size and I've gained 5 pounds. Their hearts are beating at 147 and 157 bpm. We are only 75% sure that one baby is a girl and we have no clue as to the sex of the other one. Also, that I am in love with my babies. Oh...and tonight I'm having White Castle for dinner :).

Oh here's a belly shot...

I hope everyone is well. Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 11, 2008

A great update!

Today we went to the OB. We looked at our beautiful babies on the monitor, she weighed me, took my blood and blood pressure and we talked about work. We also talked genders. Here are the results:

  • I'm 16 weeks, 1 day pregnant.
  • Total weight gain: 5 pounds (17 weeks with twins! wow!)
  • Blood was to check for a immunity to a certain disease and to check for diabetes
  • Blood Pressure: 110/64
  • Genders: A: Girl (probably) B: Maybe Girl (not cooperative)

So there ya go.

I have another appointment tomorrow with the specialist. She will measure the babies, check them and let us know how they are growing. We will be asking her to double check genders and make sure OB is correct before we start telling people. 2!

Friday, February 8, 2008

They are Kicking!!

I felt my babies moving and at one point one of them kicked me! It was beautiful. I was stretched out on the sofa on Tuesday night watching american idol and BAM! Loved it!

I finally bought maternity clothing!! I spent 130 dollars on pants. I can't believe I finally bought them. I am sooo excited to get them. I grew out of my pants 8 weeks ago and have been 'rubberbanding' them together.

Monday I am going for my Gestational Diabetes test and keep your fingers crossed that I pass. I keep having boughts of low blood sugar so, we'll see.

Tuesday I have another appointment but it's with the specialist. They better tell me what I'm having or they will have a very cranky pregnant woman to deal with. I'm not sure what they are doing but it has something to do with measuring their growth. I hope everything is going good with them.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tomorrow starts week 16!!

I can't believe I'm done with 15 weeks of my pregnancy. I am almost half done! I will have an u/s next monday (not tomorrow) and am very excited and am hoping to find out the genders of my babies. I want to register but I want to give the drs one more try to see their parts :). I've been feeling okay. I've been having leg cramps. The tiredness stays at bay til about 430 or unless I've been doing a lot of running around, like today.

We found the cutest stroller today. It's a bit bulky and I'm not sure how small it folds down. We aren't looking for a different stroller until they grow out of the snap and go we are getting. We have decided to buy the crib in about 5 weeks. Well buy one crib. The other crib will have to wait for awhile..until we need it...

I bought the dr suess onsies and they are adorable!