Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Zoo and the Jubilee :)

We went to the Bronx Zoo on Sunday. It was so hot and muggy. Felt like the 4th of July. We were having fun, then the girls got hot and cranky. There was a sign saying "Keep off the Grass". Honestly, who puts that sign on grass at the zoo? The girls wanted to run around so bad and threw tantrums when told no. Then we tried to visit Madagascar. Katie screamed once we were inside, so we left. They did chase the ducks (see photo below) and that was fun. All fun ended however when Karly was running away from daddy, tripped and fell banging her face in the rock wall. I turned just in time to see it from a few yards away and I felt sick. The next 2 minutes was trying to find out where the blood was coming from (her gums and top lip) and trying to get some ice (that I ordered from the teen working at the concessions) on it. Then she stopped crying, got down and ran off again. You can barely even notice she got hurt, which is good but man it looked awful when it was happening. We won't be visiting the zoo until they are old enough to ask to go. Totally not worth what we spent ($13/parking, $27/p admission, $9 drinks, $6 ice cream) . On Monday, we headed to the Seasons to celebrate our babies with our RE, Dr. N. He holds a Baby Jubilee and it is a lot of fun. At our table where 3 couples and 7 babies :). The girls got to try choc covered strawberries, choc covered bananas and some pastries. Karly like the penne vodka (she's mommys girl) and Katie ate her weight in watermelon (another mommys girl). We took a great photo with my RE. It was a lot fun. I got some great photos of the girls.

Vacation is in a month. I am so missing home. Can't wait until they see the girls again. I think my next post is going to be now and thens. I've been looking through my pictures and there are quite a few.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A great exhausting day

Today started early as usual. When they were done with breakfast, we got ready and went to the park. At 1030, we came home, had some yogurt and water, played then took a nap. I cleaned as I usually do during saturday naptime. Once they got up and ate, we all went out. Donald said he'd take the girls and I could go shopping for some clothes I need for vacation. It was very nice of him. I ended up spending around $200 and got some great stuff. 4 new shirts, 4 pairs of capris, a new nighty, some tanks and a pair of flip flops. I haven't done that in so long it was fun and I took over an hour.
The best part was, was that tried on clothes the size I bought the last time I bought anything and I actually needed to go down 2 sizes. The skin on my stomach is hopeless. I wish I was as lucky as Kate G and get a free tummy tuck. I bought a tummy tucker thingy so it smoothes down the front. I want to lose 9 pounds before vacation which is in 35 days.
Oh vacation! I haven't seen my family since last June. I can't wait to see them again and I know my family is ready to see us haha.