Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Crazy Day...

Today we got our Heb B shots. It went okay. They cried for a few minutes then it was over. They weighed Katherine and she is 8lb 9oz and Karly is 8lb 6oz. They are 20.5 inches. Today was okay but they cried a lot. I kept giving them tylenol every 4 hours as per instructed. Karly slept, Katherine didn't. She cried a lot. I ended up putting her in the sling so I could get some laundry done. The doctor said that she may have asthma. They gave me albuterol for it but she doesn't cough, she just wheezes some. I think she has "junk breathing" or something like that. We'll watch the asthma thing because I have asthma but at this point, I don't think that is what it is.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hello to you!

Last night we did okay again. Our new course? Feedings. How much? How often? Do they just want a paci or are the actually hungry? They just spit up. Is it gas or did they eat to much? Can infants overeat? Am I going to cause an eating disorder? STOP BRAIN! If anyone has anything to help with those freakouts, please do so.

In other news, today we visited! I took them to my work place and we got oohed and aahed over. Loved it! Then, while my boss and coworker fed and burped my babies, I went to my classroom to say bye bye to my kiddies. I mean I haven't worked with them since may but I was with them from sept to may. It was very nice.

Both babies are tired out and after picking up lunch for daddy and bringing it to him, both babies are sleeping in their carseats. I think I'll take a nap!

Good news is that when I return to work part time, I will probably still be in the same age group (toddlers) and that makes me happy. I told my boss not to put me in Infants..hello! She said she wouldn't do that and said I'd probably stay in Toddlers because I'm very good there. Okie. Sounds good to me. Anyway...going to take a nap :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Last night really wasn't that bad. We did baths at 7, put on jammies, I read to them, hubby read to them, bottles at 8:30 and bed at 9. They slept until 1:20. I fed them, put them back into bed and let them fuss it out til they went to sleep. Katherine isn't so good at this, so she slept in the swing until 3:30. They both got up to eat at 5 and slept until 7, put them in bed with us and they slept nicely until 8:30. All in all..I slept really well. Hubby woke up with 10 minutes to get ready and get to work...ouch.

Karly fussing. One day I'll finish a blog :).

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beyond exhausted...

Yesterday we were getting back to normal. Katie had a huge BM to clear up her constipation, Karly seemed better. Both slept on the way to the zoo, the walk through the zoo and were awake a bit on the drive home. It was a very nice day.

We got home around 330, I layed down and slept until 530 then got up and fed them. Katie slept and Karly went with daddy.

At 830, I woke up Katie to eat and we put them in bed about 930. I went to bed around 10.

It was decided that daddy would get up for the first feedings, and I would do the rest.

Katherine started crying at 12. Hubby fed her, she wouldn't go back to sleep.

Bring on 445 am, when she went to sleep and I finally went to sleep....up at 630. I tried to sleep again, Katie was in the swing, Karly was next to me but she is now gassy and not comfy. Got up at 710 to start the day. I am sooooooooo tired.

On a good note..My Katie is back to normal. No more screamer. She's back to being happy go lucky...thank the Good Lord :).

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just a few photos...

Top two photos..My dad bought us cardinals outfits for the girls :). Don't they look cute?
Bottom two photos...girls dressed up to go to Outback to meet a friend. Just adorable!
We are leaving to go to the zoo so I should have a cute update tomorrow :).

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Last night was a bit hectic...

Yesterday, I went to a 30th birthday party (trying to prepare myself for mine next june..yikes!). This was the first time the girls have really been out and been to someone elses house. They were held the entire time, by my friends (2 of which are expecting) and they loved it. We stayed til 8..way later than we should have. We went and got food and headed home. The girls freak out in the car, if they think they are alone. It was dark. They thought they were alone. They cried all the way home. Once home, we did diapers, jammies and propped their bottles on blankets to feed them. We figured they'd been held enough. All was good at 10. I went to bed and was out cold (suffering from hay fever and I'm miserable).

Katherine woke up at 1:25. Karly woke up at 1:45. Both were fed, changed and put back in bed. I tried to sleep from 2:30 to 4:30 but my sinus' were killing me and I couldn't. Katherine woke up and it took me awhile to figure out she was hungry. I fed her, then her sister and disaster struck. Neither would go to sleep and they took turns waking each other up. I did not give in and around 5:45, I crawled back in bed. They fussed but I went to sleep and woke up at 7:45 with hubby handing me Karly. I layed her next to me and she fell asleep.. Is still asleep actually. I closed my eyes and Katherine yelled out for attention, wanted to eat and is now talking to herself in the swing.

Life is gooooood :).

Friday, August 15, 2008


Pictures today: Anytime is cake time lol. We bought a small cake and i did my best..
Me, not really feeling well, but look how precious they are!!!

Both babies are sleeping at the same time! Katherine is no where near as fussy as she has been the last several days. I'm actually getting laundry done!

Last night was a pretty good night. We had them in bed at 9:30 but Karly didn't go to sleep until almost 10. I slept from 10-2, when Katherine woke up. I spent an hour feeding, burping and putting her back to sleep. When I layed her in her crib, Karly woke up and the next hour, I spent with her. I slept again from 4-6, when Katherine woke up again. I fed and burped her and she fell asleep in my bed. We allow them to share our bed in the morning. That's it. Karly slept until 9 and it was very nice. I slept until 7, when Katherine woke for the day. It was a very pleasent night. No crying, except to wake me up. I love them to pieces.

We went for our morning walk, which as always, ends with seeing Daddy at work. We are so fortunate to live in walking distance of his job but still in a very quiet neighborhood.

On the workfront. I have decided to go back to work. I'll be working 3 to 630 without the responsiblities I had as a lead. It will be a very nice change, I'll get to spend all morning with the girls and the extra money will be great. It doesn't sit well from time to time but it will be good for all of us. Daddy will have his alone time, and he'll get to know them better.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Life with 2 1-month-olds...

I've been super busy. Everyday I sign on to blog, then get up, hoping to get back but never do. I have one baby awake, one waking up slowly, dishes and laundry need be started BUT I'm going to post a blog :).

We are getting more into a routine and sometimes, like last night, it fails and we make the best of it. Katie refused to sleep unless I was holding her. She has never done this and at 4, reasoning is not my best, so she got her way. I slept with her in my arms. She slept this way until 7. I fed her and she would not go back to sleep. Karly woke up at 730, happy as usual. Right now, Katie is on the couch, with a bottle propped. I don't like doing this, but if she falls asleep, I'd rather have it be there instead of me holding her. Karly is hanging out in the swing, which she doesn't hate as much as she did. My plan is to go for a walk around 10 (we like our morning walk) but it looks like rain so I'm not sure but I do need to go out.
Today, I need to take my comforter to the laundry mat. It has been peed and pooped on and I've tried scrubbing it (it doesn't fit in the washer) but sleeping under it grosses me out, so when we take our morning walk, I'm stopping by and dropping it in. I also want to pick up a cake that says "Happy 1 month, Katie and Karly!"

I'll leave you with photos and since they both are sleeping, I'm going to have breakfast and pump.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Getting the hang of it...

It was easy, then it was hard, then it was really hard, but it's completely worth it!! I am totally in love with my baby girls. I'm sleep deprived, I haven't had a meal without a fussy baby in my arms and I barely have a moment to myself but I'm loving every minute.
The girls are almost a month old. They are 3 weeks and 3 days.
At the last dr appoinment, Katherine has gone from 5 lbs 12 oz to 5lbs 11oz to 6lbs 4 oz to 6lbs 8 oz!!
Karly has gone from 5lbs 7 oz to 5lbs 5oz to 5lbs 10oz to 6lbs 2oz.
They are so healthy and beautiful.
I still have a double infection in my incision but it's getting much better.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Can I say it?

I'm tired. So incredibly tired. Karly woke at 130 to eat and we put her back in bed at 330 asleep. At 335 Katie woke to eat and she is still up. I slept from 6-7 with her next to me but it wasn't really sleep because I was afraid I'd hurt her by dropping her or rolling on her. They are both awake now.

I'm still on antibiotics because I still have an infected incision. Sometimes I feel like I have the flu but the dr said it's the fever from the infection. It's really stressing my body out. A nurse comes daily and change the packing and bandage. Yesterday the bandage had turned green. She doesn't think it's the infection getting worse just a reaction from the solution and the infection. Lets hope so because she said if it gets worst I may have to be hospitalized.

Pumping is not working well at all. I pump maybe an oz a day. 1 oz for two babies. Def not enough. I'm feeling very discouraged and guilty because I can't give my babies what is best for them.

But I am enjoying being mommy to my little girls. Well they are in need of me, so I'm going..

Saturday, August 2, 2008

5 years ago,...

I married my best friend. Who knew 5 years later, we'd have two beautiful babies. It's been a great 5 years and my wish is for many, many more with my new family.
To my husband: Happy Anniversary! I love you very much.