Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today I tried so hard..I did :)

Breakfast: Raisin Bran/fat free milk
Lunch: WW multi grain with peanut butter
Dinner: salad, Salmon w/broccoli and some potatoes
I had some cheesecake from the cheesecake factory. One of my kids gave me a GC 2 years ago and I never used it so we did tonight. It was yummy.

So I guess tomorrow is another day. We are staying home so I'm guessing there won't be any disruptions to my diet. I am making strawberry wheat pancakes in the morning. Probably something small for lunch and a nice dinner. j

Baby news:
Katie crawls...well army crawling but she's moving everywhere which means I have two mobile babies. How exciting!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Okay so it's been a few days..

Tracy...I want to read your blog :( I miss the wonder twins...

Dearest Katherine Emily,
You are such a beautiful child. You feel my heart with so much love. You are so quiet and peaceful. Daddy wants you to say "Dada" so bad. I've heard you say "Mama" once, but I'm okay with that. Today, you almost fell off the bed. You became mobile in a matter of moments :). Today I also learned that you don't like mommy leaving the room without and that I'm not allowed to blowdry my hair unless I'm holding you. You are so beautiful and I love you so much.

Dearest Karly Elizabeth,

You are one silly baby. You love to laugh, act goofy and wiggle everywhere. You say all kinds of stuff and you love to "sing". By sing, I mean scream at the top of your lungs and laugh. People think you are crying but we have to say "No, she's just singing". They actually have to look at you to make sure. You haven't been feeling yourself though. You are getting your second bottom tooth and it's making you very cranky. I love you though. You are the cutest thing ever.

Diet News:

Okay so exercising is not going well BUT I have been getting some walking in. I walked around walmart (fast, not slow) and I do some dancing with the kids in class and I went for a walk to the park today with the girls. I loved it. Weigh in is on tuesday so we'll see what happens..anyway here's what I had today

Breakfast: raisin bran, fat free milk

Snack: peanuts

Lunch: chinese food (ick...not good) pork friend rice

Snack: peanuts

Dinner: White Castle (double ick) but I only had 3 burgers and like 4 fries ;)

Snack: 1 powdered doughnut and milk (I know I know)

so I guess it's safe to say that I totally blew my diet today. If it makes you feel better, I feel kind of like throwing up. 2 weeks without crap can make a tummy sensitive to it :).

Night all :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Wonder Twins: Tracy...I can't read your blog! Invite please?

Breakfast: Farina (cream of wheat) Milk/toast
lunch: half a tuna sandwich/peanuts/diet dr pepper
dinner: Chicken soup, chicken breast, milk
snacks: peanuts, apple and lollipop :)
liquids: milk, water, half a diet dr pepper


I totally forgot to post sunday and monday night :).

Diet news:

I weighed myself this morning to find out I am -2 pounds now. I was pretty happy with that. I don't get to excited until it's more than 5 pounds because it always goes up and down. I really really really want the weather to warm up a bit so I can go walking. I used to walk 2 miles everymorning and I miss that. They just built this really nice walking/running track down the hill from my house by the waterfront and I can't wait to go wear it out. I don't remember what I ate on sunday but here's what i had yesterday.

Breakfast: cheerios/banana (wow no eggs or oatmeal? lol)

Lunch: Smart ones Lasagna

Dinner: Egg noodles and meatloaf with red sauce

Snacks: Peanuts, peanuts and peanuts. Oh I also had a piece of v day choc and some fruit snacks :)

Liquids: Water, Milk

Girlie news:

Karly has her second tooth!! Katie isn't even teething :(. Her daddy didn't get teeth until he was 11 months old so I'm guessing she's going to be the same. Karly is becoming more mobile and is getting into everything! You really can't turn your back on her for a second.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A long but fun day :)

My dad started earlier than normal ;).

I got up at 6, got dressed and left the house. I skipped the shower. Didn't feel it necessary. Picked up my friend at 7, stopped for coffee and breakfast sandwiches and headed to the hotel. We arrived in West Orange at a great time, signed in and found our co-workers and got seats. From 8-12, we listened to two men talk about how to deal with children that like to get in trouble :). It was a seminar about Discipline. I have to complete 8 hours of seminars by April 30th. I did 4 today, 4 to go. I enjoy them. I love learning new techniques but I'm not a head teacher now, so I'll store the info, do what I can and go with it.

Once I dropped my friend off, I headed home where I got to see my girls for the first time today. Katie was getting her diaper changed and arched her back so she could look at me. I got the biggest smile. Daddy had put karly in her crib because she was inconsolable. I walked in and got the biggest smile before she started crying. I picked her up and hugged her and all the tears went away. Best. Feeling. Ever. She missed me. She knew I was gone and she missed me.

After my shower, we got ready and headed out for the day. We went to Sams Club to restock up on diapers and wipes and some other stuff we didn't need. After leaving Sams, we went to Target then to Jose Tejas to eat. I love tex mex. MMMM...

We made a run to babies r us, spent time with the grandparents and put the girls in bed. Now I'm sitting alone, with everyone sleeping and it's nice. I had a great day.

Dieting news:
Breakfast: English muffin with ham egg cheese/coffee
Lunch: turkey sandwich/pickle/water
Dinner: Burros (chicken wrapped in a tortilla w/enchilda sauce on top) yum o and black beans/ice tea unsweetened
snacks: 100 calorie pack of peanut butter cookies

Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 5..

I can't believe it's day 5 of my diet. I forgot to weigh myself, which is good because I'd like to wait until Monday to weigh in. Today was a little rough with getting the girls to bed but I need to head to bed early. I have a seminar to attend at 8 am and that means I'll be missing my morning routine with my girls. I haven't done that ever.

The Diet:
Breakfast: Egg Sandwich (homemade)
Lunch: Fish was all I had
Dinner: Breaded chicken, spaghetti
Snacks: 100 calorie popcorn, fruit snacks (lol)
Drinks: Orange juice, water, fat free milk.

Night all :)

OH my hubby has started to blog. It's called "notes from a daddy" its

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another day...

Today was a little rough. I think it's the meds. I got up tired. I let the girls fuss themselves back to sleep and didn't get up with them at all. That makes me sad. I forced myself to do a few things, start some laundry and feed the girls. After everyone ate, Karly was getting sleepy so I put her in my bed and cuddled with her. Donald brought Katie in a few minutes later and in a few moments, we were all asleep. That was at 10:30. At 1:30, I woke up to a pair of beautiful eyes staring at me. Totally awake. I think she knew mommy just needed to sleep. Katis is a such a good baby. Anyway, I got up fed them bottles, ate lunch and go ready for work. Ended up leaving work early because I just couldn't do it. Now I'm sitting with my feet up trying to plan the girls' first birthday party.

Diet Info
Breakfast: oatmeal/wheat toast/fat free milk
lunch: Half a turkey sandwich on rye, a side of fish..just what I had laying around
Dinner: Vegetable soup/water
Snacks: gummy candy, cupcake (It was one of kids bday parties today. I only ate half)
Liquids: Milk, water

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Loooong day that ended with oreos...

and fat free milk :(.

I woke up this morning at 630 to get Karly out of her crib. She's been sleeping through the night for the last 5 months but lately (since she got her tooth) she wants mommy cuddle time at midnight, 3 etc... When I pick her up, I get a big smile and in goes the thumb as she curls into me and goes back to sleep. How do you say no to that?! So last night, I really started feeling bad. They both woke up repeatedly but I didn't get up with them. They fussed themselves back to sleep but I don't want them thinking that I won't come to them if they need me..anyway that's for another day.

So I get up at 630, pick up Karly and crawl back into bed because I wasn't feeling well. Around 7, Katie woke up and I went to go get bottles. We always do morning bottles in bed with cartoons on. I love it. So I go to get bottles and realize there are none made. There is no milk made. There are no clean bottles?! Donald has been getting the morning bottles ready the night before for awhile and usually I wash the bottles before I go to bed but it completely slipped my mind. So I had to scrub up some bottles (girls are now crying) and make some milk (How I wish I could of breast fed). I give them their bottles.

Then we had to get ready for our well visits. We arrived at 9 or a few minutes after. We waited for almost an hour! It was insane. We kept them as calm as we could and Thank God I have a friend that works in the drs office because she bumped us up. I didn't ask, but she said she felt bad because I have two babies to keep happy in the waiting room. So we go back and Katie weighs 19 lbs and Karly weighs 15.4 lbs. Right before the dr comes in, Katie starts throwing her tantrum. Shes crying, screaming and so on. We lay her down to get her shot, she's already crying and then she starts screaming. Karly cried for about 5 seconds, bless her little heart.

So we leave the office. Katie crying, Karly happy. We decide to get something to eat. We go to t he diner, we feed the babies and ourselves and start talking about how neither of us feel well and it's wearing us down. I make us an appointment. It's at 1. Then I remembered that we are out of formula at home. We drive to shop rite, buy some formula ($200 worth that will last us 2 do they sleep at night?) Then head to our drs appointment. We give them bottles at the drs and they stay calm. After an hour and half we get called back. Donald has a throat infection, I have an infection in my chest. We are both on antibiotics.

I get home at 2, we unload the car, I go upstairs, drink some juice and get ready for work. Work until 6, pharmacy then home. Feed babies, feed myself then snuggle with babies while they drink their last bottle, jammies then bed. I wash all the bottles, make enough bottles for tomorrow and the next morning, down 4 oreaos and now I'm blogging with a bottle of water.
Diet today--
Breakfast was Ham, Egg and Cheese Wrap w/ potatoes
Lunch was skipped
Dinner was a homemade hamburger w/soup
Snacks 4 oreas, peanuts
Drinks unsweetened ice tea, water and OJ

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 2 -1, 42lbs to go :)

I know it's just water weight and my weight fluctuates so much but I'll take it :)

For breakfast I had a bowl of oatmeal and since I had to brown sugar, I had to use 2 teaspoons of regular sugar w/ a little fat free milk. If anyone knows a yummy way to eat oatmeal without sugar, let me know :). I also had 2 slices of wheat toast with smart balance butter and a glass of fat free milk.

For lunch, I had a cobb salad..yum-o and a side of fish..ick, and a glass of water. Kind of a "throw whatever together" lunch.

For dinner I had London Broil (one of the only few red meats I'll eat) string beans and mac n cheese (!). Everything in moderation ;).

Dh and I are both sick :( but I managed to do 15 minutes of Cardio and some target ab stuff. I had to stop the cardio because my chest was burning and I couldn't breathe ( I have asthma and a chest cold). I'll try to stick to 15 minutes and up it as I feel better.

Then I took a walk to the Library with the girls and then I walked to his work, then home. a good hour of walking. So I think I got in enough physcial activity. Top it off, I went to work and I work with small children so there's not much sitting around there.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 1 -0

Okay, so obviously no weight loss today :). I'm set to lose 43 pounds.

Today, for breakfast I had 2 eggs, wheat toast, and a glass of fat free milk.
Lunch was mexican. It was rice, pinto beans, pork, corn/onion salsa, cheese and a touch of sour cream.
Dinner was baked chicken, vegetables and potatoes.
Snacks were an apple and a 100 calorie pack of peanut butter cookie crisps.
To drink was crystal light, water and milk.

I need to drink more water. That I know. We took a walk (that is my pitiful effort for exercise today). Will try to pump it up tomorrow.

In other news:
Today was an okay day. All four of us have a cold, neither baby is sleeping through the night and Karly wanted to be held from 4 am on, which is why my head hurt so bad today. Lack of sleep + holding baby and tense muscles from it = one killer headache.

Girls are doing so well. It's amazing to watch them interact with each other, although it mainly consist of knocking each other out of the way to get to the nearest toy, pulling each other down and taking toys from each other. Other than that, they are doing well lol. Tonight, Karly was just swimming all over the tub. I loved it. Katie sat in her corner of the tub getting splashed and kicked but she didn't care. She had her rubber frog ;).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

1 day to go...

Remember when life was simple :)
Okay so I woke up this morning +1 which means I need to lose 43 pounds starting Monday. I know it's alot of water weight. I hate water weight. How else would I gain a whole pound in 1 day?!
So tomorrow morning I will weigh myself and go from there. Who knows, maybe it will be 44 pounds tomorrow :(. Then I plan to weigh myself every monday. (I'm a crazy scale person. I weigh myself several times a day)
Today I had very very very low self esteem. I felt so bad about myself. I felt ugly (probably because I woke up with 4 pimples on my chin). Fat fat fat!! I felt awful about myself and while we were walking around the mall my pants and undies kept falling, so I had to keep pulling them up. How embarrassing. Hubby noticed something not right with my mood but what do I say. "Oh, I'm just ugly and fat and my clothes are falling?" I said nothing.
Today we spent the day out. For breakfast, I made up eggs, a slice of ham and toast w/ a cheese slice. (I need to switch to wheat bread). For lunch, like I said we went to Cracker Barrel and I had Chicken fried chicken, pinto beans, carrots and mashed Ps. BUT I didn't finish anything but the carrots :D! I purposely had the woman take my plate before I could down the whole thing but boy was it YUMMY! For dinner, I had a plate of spaghetti.
Okay I'm off to bed. I have the day off tomorrow and we are staying home :). Yay!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Today was Valentines Day and we enjoyed it as a family, then as a couple. We went to PF Changs as a family of 4. I have to say, that they did great. We made early reservations as not to disturb the romantic diners later. The girls were being very good. A woman, oh about 30, came over and said "I just want you to know, everyone is talking about you". I thought it was going to be something bad like "I can't believe she brought her kids here" or something to that effect. Instead it was "They are talking about how beautiful and well behaved your babies are". Wow! I felt so proud I almost cried. Cried! Of course I think they are great but to hear it is wonderful. After dinner, we came home, played with the girls for a little while, bathed them and put them in jammies. After their bottle we put them in bed and went out as a couple. We went to Barnes and Noble, had some desert, bought a book (for the girls, of course) and a magazine (for parenting lol) and took a drive. It was a very nice Valentines Day.


Okay so I stepped on the scale..I want to lose 42 pounds. Apparently, I've gained 2 more pounds :(. Ugh.

Okay so today I had 3 Shredded Wheat buscuits. (If you don't know, it kind of looks like a small bale of hay) in Fat Free milk for breakfast. For lunch, I had a ham and cheddar on wheat with a small Dr. Pepper..bad I know. I had 2 pieces of chocolate (remember it's Valentines Day) and for dinner I had 2 bites, er sips, of egg drop soup (ick), 2 lettuce wraps (yum-o) and beef and broccoli and a tiny shot glass with carrot cake in it. Oh and 3 blackberry jasmine ice teas (very yum-0). Then for desert (hey, it's Valentines Day lol) I had a small green tea Frap and a piece of cheesecake. Like I said, today doesn't count, It's Valentines Day :).

But we'll see what tomorrow brings :) because it's family day out and we are going to...Cracker Barrel! I love that resturant and I always get chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and corn. I chose a really bad weekend to start this diet thing.

I do have a history of weight loss. I lose it really easy but gain it back very easily. The dr said PCOS has some to blame, not watching what I eat and exercising is to blame as well. It seems I always get on this kick to lose the weight, I lose 30-40 pounds then fall off the wagon and it slowly comes back on. To do my final IVF, I lost 30 pounds, got pregnant, gained 40, lost 40 and have gained 20 pounds back in 5 months. 20 pounds in 5 months!!! It's my fault I know. Life was so busy trying to get used to twins that I let myself go. My husband doesn't care how much weight I gain (sadly) but I do.


Friday, February 13, 2009

I have 3.5 months...

To lose this weight!

30-40 pounds lol...NOT. Okay so I have all the time to lose those pounds but I want to start losing some of this weight before vacation.

Every morning, the girls wake up at 730. I give them a bottle, they get dressed then we are ready for the day. I told my dh that since I know when they are going to get up, I should get up an hour and a half earlier and go walking. He said he didn't think I would do it. I told my friend and she laughed and said sleep is more important. Not much encouragement there. Needless to say, it never happened.

This morning, I decided my day while the girls were eating. Bottles, clothes and then they could play in the room while I exercised on my home equipment. I go to the bottle fridge upstairs and realized it wasn't working because there was ice over the blower thingy so I spent the next three hours defrosting (didn't think of the blow dryer until hour 3!), juggling laundry, taking care of babies and trying to clean the living room, bathroom and kitchen only to have an even bigger cleanup around the fridge. Not to mention I still had to get shower and get ready for work!

So..I'd like to say that Monday morning, I am going on a diet (as best as I can lol) and I am working out. I'm going to my home equipment and I'm going on those walks. Why not? I usually wake up early anyway. Why not get up and at 'em huh? So, this is what I'm going to do. I am also going to blog daily. What I eat, what exercise I do and so on. Lets go me, lets go!

Babies are doing beautifully! Karly has her first tooth coming in and today they've started lifting their hands when they want me to pick them up. I love them sooo much. Being a mommy is the greatest gift in the world.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's been a long time :)

It's been awhile since I've updated.

Everything is going great. Both girls are starting to sit up really good on their own. It's so much easier to be able to sit them down and be able to do somethings knowing that they can sit and play with their toys. I still have to put a pillow behind them in case they fall and bump their heads. That has happened a lot. They both scream for a second then get over it but I hate that they hit their heads. When I leave Karly sitting up, she kind of leans over to the side and lets her body roll so she's on her belly, then she wiggles herself wherever she wants to go. It's too cute. Katie likes to either sit and play or stand holding your hands. She has no interest in learning to move around on her own and I think she's going to go straight to walking even though I'd rather crawl a bit first. Give me a heads up on how quick and nosy they are going to be lol.

Their personalities are so different. Katie is very quiet, strong and so smart. She loves watching people, watch what they do, then she imitates it correctly. I know that every baby probably does it the same way but these are my babies and I think it's amazing :). She loves to eat..solids and bottles. She can hold her own bottle now and that helps. We still aren't sleeping through the night in her own bed. She wakes up anywhere between 12-4 to get in bed with us. Depending on how many times I want to get out of bed, is when she gets put in bed with us. Once there she sleeps peacefully all night. She also has a knack for taking all of the toys and putting them away from Karlys reach. Its funny actually.

Karly is hysterical. She laughs all the time. Says "mama" "Dada" "Gaga" "Baba" and is always saying "mmmmmmmmmm". She is sooo loud. She giggles up a storm. She moves everywhere. You have to watch her because she doesn't stay in one place to long. She gets into everything she can reach. She sleeps through the night. 830 to 730. It's wonderful. Today, she was in bed with me and I was giving her a bottle and we both fell asleep and slept until 10. She's a wiggle worm and soo skinny. She still has awful reflux and shes' going to the dr tomorrow to see what we are going to do about it.

Both girls are doing so beautifully and we are so in love with them.

Life is okay. I'm worried about money being that I only work part time. I miss the days when we were carefree with our money. I worry about our savings and bills although everything seems to be okay. I want to continue working part time at least until september and then re-evaluate things. I want to enroll the girls in sept '10 into the toddler program at the LC I work at.

God Bless :)