Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rants and some pictures :)

I have so many thought bubbles I don't know which one to pop first. Lets start with the recent and work my way back.

Sundays used to be this great day we spent as a family. Then Donalds boss asked him to start filling in on Sundays, running the department. As much as I like that he's been given this responsibility, I miss spending the day as a family.

I was informed that I will most likely NOT be in toddlers next year. I always knew this was a possibility. If the new teacher this year didn't work out, I would have to let her have the toddlers back and I would move up. It's not horrible but I really, really like toddlers. Oh and I'll have the same kids I have this year hahahahaha oy vey :)

Katie caught a cold, then was diagnosed with Nasal Impetigo. We treated it and went to the specialist and she told us that Katies adenoids and tonsils were enlarged and that she may have trouble breathing at night. We have to do a sleep study then talk about surgery to have her adenoids and tonsils removed. Not really looking forward to Katie having another surgery (#3!) but I will do what I have to do to make sure she's healthy (and breathing right). Last weekend, Karlys podiatrist mentioned that we should make an appt for Katie to be seen when Karly comes back for her orthodics.

Karly was fitted for her orthodics last weekend. That was pretty painless. She'll go pick them up in a few weeks. They go inside her shoes for the foreseeable future. They will correct her flat feet and turn her left foot out (it points in). She has a hoarse cough and breathing today so I think she may of got what Katie had even though we kept them separated.

I've been anxious the last week or so but if you've been reading you might understand. I used to have such a steady grasp on everything and now when one part of my nicely stacked life goes, everything seems to go and I lose it. I've taken the xanax when needed and I am still on the paxil although this is my last month. I'm going to call the dr and tell him I'm not ready to go off of it. Not sure if it's fear but I think if I still need the xanax from time to time for minor things, going off the paxil may not be the best idea.

Now for super cuteness!!