Sunday, August 29, 2010

Zoo sans Stroller

Katie on the duck

Our adorable little tour guide, Karly

Daddy and his girls

The girls were looking at the "guins".

Today we did the least to parents of twin toddlers. We went to the zoo and left the stroller in the car. We felt that we would be making a trip back to the car for the stroller but the girls hate sitting so much and they love to walk around so we went with it. We packed up our rarely used eddie bauer diaper backpack ( a gift to donald before the girls were born) and headed out.

The girls did so great. They didn't run off, they loved walking up to the attractions at free will, it was just great. They are really well behaved, which if anyone knows me, knew that I was ready to never take them out in public again.

They would run off, in opposite directions, laugh, lay on the floor, crawl around, run through ppls legs .. just awful. However, we continued to take them out, made constant apologies and it worked out. They were very well behaved.

Anyway, we walked around for 2.5 hours. It was hot so we took breaks (there were few toddler play areas between attractions) so they could have some running time and we sat and had a snack of water and animal crackers (what better, right?).

It was a great day. I forgot to add the pictures before typing so they were all up top, I hope you enjoyed. They are getting so big and of course I think they are beautiful.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The last day of school..

Today was the last day with my kids. I've been with them for a year and it's time for them to move on to a new classroom. I spent the day cleaning up the classroom, trying to close it out for the new teacher that will take over the room in Sept, spending time with the kids, talking to parents, a pizza and snack party and getting gifts. One parent gave me a $75 GC to Starbucks lol. Guess she knows I like my green tea fraps. I didn't enjoy the day as much as one would because last night, at 745, I had my broken wisdom tooth pulled :(

Yep, I finally had the broken tooth pulled and darn it, it hurt. My face hurts, my jaw hurts and I'm hungry for food and something cold to drink. I hope it heals quickly.

On Monday, I get to move into my new classroom. Theres a history with this room. In October 2001, I was hired by my present employer. From that time until Sept 2002, I worked in a variety of age groups and different rooms. In Sept 2002, I was told I would be an assistant in Room 8. I spent the year in Room 8. In is a small room in the back of the buildings with the windows (floor to ceiling) facing the playgrounds. It is painted yellow and white ( a very nice soft yellow) and is not square, it has a unique shape. I spent a year assistanting the teacher the next two Septs I was placed as an assistant in another room so I missed the room. The I recieved a promotion and was told to set up in room 8. Spent the next 2 years there. In 2007, I was moved to a horrible small middle room, blue with no windows. I ended up pregnant and went out on maternity. This year I worked as lead teacher in new room but This Sept, I'm back in room 8 and could not be happier. I can't wait to set it up. Right now it's a storage room so I have to clean it out but I'm so ready :)

Girls start school in one week!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's late but I haven't posted so here is a useless one :)

Girls start school very soon! I'm super excited.

I have two more days with the children in my class then they move on. I have mixed feelings. They were a tough group BUT I've had them since the were 2 and they are now 4 turning 5 so It's time. Still, it's hard. After a few months, without realizing it, they become MY kids that leave to sleep then come back. I have them during most of their wakeful periods. Anyway, it's good they are moving on but I will miss them.

I am going back to Toddlers. So exciting! I love working with Toddlers. I get to set up my new classroom..yes my NEW classroom starting Monday. I can't wait.

A few days ago, a piece of my top wisdom tooth broke off and now a lot of it broke off. I went to the dentist today and she used words like "difficult extraction" and "oral surgery". So tomorrow at 630 (pm) I willl arrive at the dentist and we will begin getting this tooth out. In the meantime I've been given motrin and an antibiotic. It's cutting up my mouth so I'm thankful it's soon.

The girls are counting to 10. 10!! They are so eager to learn. They know their colors, shapes and now their numbers. I am still worried about Katies speech. The more she learns to talk, the more words she learns, the more I see she is going to need therapy. I keep waiting though, not sure why. I may call them tomorrow.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beach Babies :)

We have had a terrific summer. We had a two week vacation in June and the rest of the weekends we've been at the beach. Every Sunday. New Jersey has its downs but an up is all you have to do is drive half an hour and you are at a beach. We drive a little farther to Seven Presidents and we have a blast. The girls didn't like it at first but I think you can see by todays pictures that they are definately starting to enjoy the beach. When we were unloading the car today, Karly yelled out "Beach! Beach!" It as too cute. Enjoy the pics.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

To teach or to pour coffee?

I was judged today by a Starbucks employee. She said "Do you work at the Daycare around the corner?" -- Lets start there. First, a Daycare is where you send your child when you have to work. The childcare providers play with your child and care for him/her until you are done working and you pick them up.

I have to spend my week writing lesson plans to match a curriculum that my boss provides. I have to teach letters, numbers, math, reading, writing and science. We go over transportation and community helpers, ocean and the ocean life. We explore Space-the planets, constellations and galaxies. I spend my nights surfing the web looking for idea after idea.

"Yes, I work at the Learning Center around the corner." "Can I go in and pick up an application?" "To apply for a job or to enroll your child into the center?" **scoff** "To enroll my child."

Umm.. You're judging me? I may not have some big shot job, but I teach children and you pour coffee. My coffee. Okay, vent over.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


As I type, My beautiful girls are take a much needed nap. Today has been a wonderful day, just the three of us. Mommy/daughters Saturdays are very addicting and today was our third "adventure". Today is gorgeous so we spent some time at the park, had lunch together and then we bought daddy lunch and brought it to him at work. I know it's not a lot but it's a start. It's not that I'm an insecure mother ( I think I'm awesome, btw, haha) it's that my anxiety/panic issues cause me to hold back a bit. My fear of the "what ifs" can be a handicap. I tend to worry about things that could not possibly happen but in my head they can. I wasn't always this bad, I used to take medications for it, but I stopped to have a healthy baby and decided not to start them again. For the most part, I do okay. Anyway, today I was told that I have very well behaved daughters. I smiled and thanked her then laughed to myself.

We took Katie to the Audiologist and had her hearing tested. She's having issues with sounding out her words. She talks non stop so that's not the issue but you can't understand much of what she says. When I listen, as a teacher, to her talk I know she needs speech therapy. When I listen as a mother, I don't. I let everyone talk me out of it but my boss and a fellow teacher. They both said I already know in my gut and my head that she needs Speech but I'm letting my heart over rule.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think there is anything wrong or embarrassing about speech. It's just that everyone knows their child is perfect and nothing will ever be wrong.

Anyway, she passed her hearing test in normal ranges and the ENT said to call Early Intervention before she gets any older. I plan to call this week and set up an appointment to have her tested. To qualify, she has to have a 33% delay. We'll see how it goes.

Karly has been learning so much. She loves to sing and run and talk. She loves to have fun. Her life is pretty uneventful and we like it that way. She gets more and more like her daddy everyday. Today she was awake and just layed there unwilling to get up. Katie is like me. Shes up when her eyes open.

The only negitive thought in my head is this one..

You know how when you love something and you give it all you've got and then you realize it's all for nothing? You lose the joy you had for it and it becomes a chore. I feel this way about one part of my life. I try and try but in the end it's the same result. There's only a short amount of time until this is over and hopefully all will be well.

We'll just leave it at that.

Girls start school in 4 weeks. I'm so excited!