Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's been a few since I last was here...

Things are still extremely stressful at work and I've been thinking and going over in my head that maybe my job is to stressful for IVF. I know I should ask for a leave but knowing my boss, she's laugh at me and tell me no. Then where would I be? I'm just going to have to hand it to God and let him do as he sees fit. That's the best thing to do. So. That's that.

I start my third IVF try in 13 days!!! I've got the birth control and the lurpon. I start the birth control tonight and the lupron on Oct 10th. Really excited for it to be underway.

Everything else is good. I've been sleepy a lot because I'm drained from work and I did a little babysitting and working overtime. I'm just tired. I'm tired right now and I just woke up. Saturday I plan on sleeping like a baby and not getting up until noon. Right. We'll see if that works, since I'm the kind of sleeper that if the sun is down, i'm down. When it comes up, I get up. I should change that.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Okay things are calming down..

I am getting more into the routine and getting used to different classroom, different kids and it's going better. There's a little boy i'll nickname satan spawn, j/k, i'll leave him nameless, that I assumed would never every in a million years act right. Well to my astonishment, he's taking very well to me and is, with a little more attention and coaxing, listening better. I have a few more hitters this year than last year but less than the year before that and I have two biters. Biters take way more energy because you have to be on top of them constantly.

On to IVF stuff!! Less than four weeks until I start my third round of IVF!!!!! I am so happy! I feel like I may have a real shot this time. I don't have any pain from the ovary, so I'm hoping that the cyst has completely disappeared, leaving tons of room to grow some eggies. I'm feeling pretty good, except for the stomach eating ulcer that work has formed but you can't cancel IVF for that! I'm just so happy to be in a count down...Oct 10 here i come!

I haven't lost any weight this's been 5 days and not a pound. My therapist has told me that I need to stop my "now or never" outlook on life.. Guess we should start with weight loss. The "slowly but surely way" isn't working for me though.

I had a training hours this morning from 7:15-12:00. Geez, I've been doing this job for almost 9 years and I'm still training for it. I swear "Early Childhood Educators" should get paid A LOT more for all the crap that we have to deal with. Sorry, I'm not being fair. Other people work hard and are underpaid but today I had to listen to the speaker compare my job to the job of a dr. He kept saying that it's the same thing!!! HA! If what I do is just as important (which I truly believe it is) as a dr, then why is this profession the lowest paying one? Most people make less than a McDonald's employee!

Alright. I've had my vents for the day. One day this will go back to my IVF journal :) Very soon !

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's been..

a horrific week and a half. I'm not happy about my classroom or the children in it. Some are okay but most of them are disrespectful and spoiled. The other ones cry all day. I know I feel this at the beginning every year, but this year seems worse. I just want to have a baby already.

For the weight journal, I'm down 14 pounds (since feb) !! I stepped on the scale and saw that 3 more pounds have melted (I gained a few during my trip to Atlantic City) and I almost fainted with excitement. Yay!!

I've been having some annoying twitching in my face and other muscles. I think it's from stress. I tried to diagnose myself on web md but all they have are bells palsy and seisures. I know I don' t have either of those.

Well I'm off to work. This sucks.. Why do I do this???

Monday, September 3, 2007

Had a great time..

In Atlantic City!!! We left friday morning and arrived at 10 am. We checked in to the "Super 8 Motel" yeah :(. It wasn't that great. The bed curved inward in the middle, it was small and there were webs in the drawers. Guess making reservations online wasn't such a great idea. Next time, more research. All though we did get names of nice hotels in the area, so now we know. We went to the casino's, played and played, walked the beach, ate at the buffet in the showboat. It was so good. Saturday we wanted to go swimming, so we went to the beach, set up our stuff but it was soooo windy. Sand was being blown in our faces, the water was so rough. Not to mention it was cold because it was windy. We decided that swimming wasn't going to happen, so we left. We drove around the nice town we stayed in, did some window shopping and had lunch at this food court in the Pier Mall. A mall on the water. How grand :). After walking the boardwalk again, we went back to our hotel and got ready for dinner.

Our dinner reservations were for 8:30 pm. That was the earliest we got. It was called "Casa de Napoli" and it was sooooooo good. I had chicken parm and he had chicken ravioli with alfredo sauce. We played a bit more in the casino and then about midnight, we headed back to our room. Here comes the trouble.

We arrive a little after midnight and our key card isn't working. So here we are, standing outside, late, in a strange place, next to the woods and we can't get into our room. I walk up to where the guy is supposed to be at and the door is locked and there's a sign on the desk that says "Be back in a few minutes". What!!!! So after pounding, knocking and ringing the bell, I give up and walk back to where my hubby is standing. After few minutes, I really get upset. I have to pee. So I walk back and start my banging again. I know nobody has entered the building but someone has to see me..right? Well a loud buzzer sounds and I turn the knob. As i walk in, a man bounces up from behind the desk. "May I help you" he says with a smile.

Well after another half hour, he finally gets us into our room. We pass out.

Sunday 9:00 am, someone starts pounding on the door. Never mind the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. I yell "Sleeping!!" What's the natural thing to do? Walk in. Yeah. The maid let herself in. Check out is not until Noon!! So I yell at her. We're in bed. Thankfully dressed, but still I don't want her in my room. Because I had put the chain on, she didn't get far and left. Nice.

We checked out about an hour later. Why bother going back to sleep. We will never stay there again. Comment card filled out...check!

So we went back to warm! It was wonderful. We played in the casino, had lunch in a very nice place in the mall called "The Continental" mmmmm..

Okay so to wrap it up, we left with 250 $$ in our pocket, we only used debit at two resturants and left with 95 $$. Not bad for three full days of fun! I've gained only 3 pounds, but hey it was bound to happen.

School starts tomorrow. I get to meet a whole other bunch of children, ready to torture me for the next year :) j/k. I'm excited but nervous. I always am because they cry alot. I'm always excited about getting into september because October comes then and then I can start my IVF cycle again. Then this blog will be back to me talking about that.