Monday, October 31, 2011

I must say ..

That I'm very proud of my class today.

We had a Halloween Parade today at the school. My 2 year olds were expected to hold onto the walking rope and not let go, even when they see their parents. We don't actually expect this of them. How could you? However, it's what we tell them we want. We go over it every day leading up. I went out holding my breath. "Okay everyone, wave and say "Happy Halloween" .. and guess what they did? They held on and said Happy Halloween. Wait, What?? Yep. They did it. They followed directions. I was so happy. This was a huge accomplishment. My husband who came to watch the girls, said my class was so well behaved he doesn't know what I'm complaining about. Ha ha..

They were really good all day. I'm so happy about this.

Katie is doing so much better. Just a minor cold. Karly started running a temp yesterday but I didn't want her to miss the parade so we dosed her with Motrin and sent her to school and as expected she was sent home with 102. Bad mom I know but Halloween only comes once a year and SHE knew everything she was going to miss. When I got her home she asked if we were trick or treating and I took her temp it was 104. I gave her motrin and watched her run around yelling Trick or Treat. Once her fever broke, we bundled her up and walked around the neighborhood. It was much easier to get away stuff when they were younger.

They got a lot of candy and had so much fun. We made the mistake of going up to a house (light was on) and knocked. No one came out so I said "Lets go. No one is home" Katie started crying lol. She's so sensitive.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween :)

So this weekend I've had my first ever snow storm in October. We got about 4 inches and trick or treating around the snow was a first as well. The girls loved it and asked to make a snowman but I had to explain that it was wet heavy snow not good for making snowmen. We also had our first power outage. Entertaining the girls during our day of darkness was pretty easy. We went to a friends house, we carved pumpkins and when it got really dark we played flashlight dancing on the ceiling. About 8, we got ready for bed and we all went to sleep. It was getting cold anyway so what better way to get warm than in your comfy bed. We even colored by candlelight. It was fun day.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Something new...

So I've learned how to blog from my phone. Not sure how it will go but don't have a lot of time so this is a good a way as any. Work today was so horrible. I love my job but this year the children are difficult. You know that scene in toy story 3 where they toys are hiding and then the kids come in and it's chaos? Welcome to my room. They spend more time throwing toys and ripping books and tearing stuff off the walls than they spend doing anything else. You give them art to do they rip the paper and dump out the glue blow the pieces on the floor ugh :(. You open and book and their eyes roll back and they drown it out with screaming over me or getting up to run around. Its just awful. Everynight I go to bed thinking about new ways to go at it tomorrow and I walk in to work ready to take them on and I walk out defeated at the end of the day.

I don't know. I just start feeling like a failure by Friday. Tomorrow I'll buck up and go back to work an just try to survive the day. Did I mention I have a kid who vomits all the time? He just sits there burps and then pukes. I know it's not his fault but I have to stop and clean it up bit the kids don't sit and let me. Its not my first walk in the park you know?

I'm not sure what I can do but I know I'm looking forward to august.

Friday, October 21, 2011

One of those weeks ..

First off .. Happy Halloween!!

On Wednesday, I picked up the girls from school as I usually do. Katie came up to me and literally climbed in my arms. I thought she felt warm but didn't really about it until I got home. When I got home, I made dinner and when she laid on the couch and refused to eat, I thought I should take her temp. It was 101.2.

I didn't think much about it. Thought she had your average virus. I gave her some Tylenol, she drank a little milk and we tucked her in. At 1 am she woke up crying for me. I picked her up and right away you could feel she was burning up. We took her temp and it was 103.9. I gave her some Motrin and we sponged her down. When her temp was down to 101, we put her in our bed and went back to sleep.

A friend said she'd watch Katie for me so I dropped her off with Motrin and Tylenol and the usual stuff and went to work. When I picked her up, my friend said she hadn't eaten, drank any fluids or used the potty and all she did was sleep. When I got her in the car I realized she was unresponsive. She just laid there. When I did get her to talk to me, she was slurring her speech. I called the pediatrician immediately and told her what was going on. She directed us to the the ER.

We got her to pee in a cup and it was brownish so we knew something wasn't right. Her temp was 103 something but the hospital was able to bring it down with 2 tsp of Motrin. She drank some water and was dx with a UTI and we were sent home. We filled the medicine and went home. She ate a little and we went to bed. She woke up at 3:30 crying she was going to fall. I took her temp and it was 103.3. I called the ER to see what I should give her. They said 2 tsp of Motrin every 6 hours. I went back in the room and took it again and it was 104. She was shaking and crying. We gave her the meds and a sponge bath and cooled her down. When we got up in the morning, she was still running a fever. My friend was going to watch her for a few hours until I could take her to the dr. My friend called and said she was worse. I left worked and picked her up and took her to the dr. My friend said her temp was 98.8 but in 20 minutes it was 104.2. At the drs, they gave her some motrin and a few sips of water. She took it and then vomited everywhere. She wouldn't move.
We took her to the ER again. There they took her temp and set up and IV. They tested her urine again and her blood. They told me they were worried she had sepsis (sp). I've never seen my child this sick and it was so scary. They got the blood work done and started her on fluids and an antibiotic through the IV. She laid there and watched tv and you could slowly see the life coming back into her.

After about 3 hours of being on the IV, she was up eating some applesauce. She wouldn't drink anything but that was okay. Soon she was her chatty, active self. She was saying her colors in english and spanish, counting, showing off all her "skills" she was just back to normal.

They gave me the good news that her blood contained "nothing alarming" and we were in the clear as soon as she was done getting the antibiotics.

Today she spent the day with daddy. I wished I could of taken off to be with her. My job requires that I be there when the children are and I do my best to fulfill that but it was really hard.

She ran low grade fevers throughout the day but she ate 3 meals and drank a lot of Blueberry juice, blueberry juice fights off bacteria in the bladder :). I am so happy my little girl is on the mend.

However ..
Today Karly came down with viral croup .. .. .. ..

Oy Vey!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

*News* :)

WE went costume shopping. OY VEY! Is all I have to say. Karly decided she wanted to be Buzz Lightyear. I'll be honest, I was a bit disappointed. I wanted her to be something girly, a pretty know. Well we were out shopping when I saw a Buzz costume for $14. I thought "What a great deal" and bought it. Karly was so excited.

This weekend we decided to go get Katie's costume. She wanted to be Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell is sold out in WalMart so we visited Party City. Man they are pricey (For something that's going to get worn ONCE!). She decided she wanted to be a red butterfly instead. I asked for the Lady Bug costume, waited for it, walked back to pick up to get it and then the fitting room. It's been about 20 minutes. She doesn't like the red butterfly. She wants to be Tinkerbell. They find me and tell me they DO have Tinkerbell and it's in pick up. I go back to pick up, get the costume, go to fitting and Guess What?! She doesn't want to be Tinkerbell. She "Don't want to be anything".

Now this whole time Karly is in the background talking about how she wants to be Strawberry Shortcake. There is a cute cute cute Strawberry Shortcake costume for a reasonable price. I go and order it, pick it up and ask Katie if she wants to be Buzz. She said she did.

Katie threw a massive tantrum because she "Don't want to be anything!" but we tried it on anyway. Now she's excited about being Buzz.

Guess What!! I'm an auntie again. Introducing my beautiful adorable and handsome nephew, Lucan :) I love him. Isn't he precious!
Girls and I went shopping. We got winter jackets, new shoes, went to breakfast etc. It was so nice and they were very well behaved. It makes me sad because you can really tell that they are growing up. They have their own likes and dislikes. They have their own way of doing things. We went to get winter coats and I had the great idea of them getting little pea-coats. How cute would they look, right? So we went to Old Navy and I was showing them the pea-coats. Cute cute pink ones. Well they didn't want the cute cute pink pea-coat. They wanted this cute thick warm purple blue and white parka. Yes it's cute, the hood is lined with soft fur, it was on sale $15 off, inside lined with fleece .. BUT it wasn't the pea-coat. However, because I want them to know I respect them as they are, we bought the parkas. Maybe next year.
I love them so very, very much.