Monday, May 25, 2009

A very rough night :(

I haven't updated on the girls in awhile so here are the stats:
Katherine Emily
20lbs 10oz
29 1/4 inches
She is perfectly healthy and a still in the 50% BUT she failed her hearing test for the second time in two months. The Dr. B said she has a little fluid in her ear and that may be why so we are going to go see an ENT when we get back from vacation. We KNOW she can hear. She babbles and responds to everything. She knows Katherine, Katie and Kate. Also, Katie-bug (our little ladybug). So we will see.
Karly Elizabeth
16lbs 12oz
28 1/2 inches
50-75% for length, 5% for weight
So she's long and skinny lol. The girls will hate her but love her at the same time :)
She is healthy, has 4 lovely teeth that she loves to bite mommy with. Her favorite thing to bite are my nips which drives me nuts and hurts like crazy.
The girls have a new past time. Fighting. I can't say I like the screaming and the hair pulling and the biting BUT they are sisters and I have two, so I know fighting will happen.


I was talking to my mom until late last night. I was thinking of going to bed but then I realized that I had no idea where my engagement ring was. Where ever it was, it was with another expensive diamond ring I got for christmas two years ago. I looked everywhere and panicked, cried and then went to bed. It was about midnight. That's went everything went downhill.....

At 1:47, Karly wakes up screaming. I go to get her and she sees me and smiles. I don't know why she has to do this. At 3:30, she fell asleep after a long time rocking. I layed her in ther crib and she started crying. We put her in our bed and she played and talking and kicked hubby in the back. Hubby and I started getting snappy and I was getting emotional because I was tired. (Katie has been doing this for 2 weeks now so I guess it's only fair that Karly have a turn, right?)

Finally I give up around 4:30 and put her in her crib. She cried for about 10 minutes and went to sleep. I fell asleep but it wasn't the best because I kept thinking of my missing rings. Then Katie started crying. Donald got up and I asked him to get her a bottle because I knew that would help her go to sleep. I'm not for using bottles to go to sleep but I needed something. When she saw the bottle she started crying for it which woke up Karly. So we got Karly a bottle and around 530 I guess I eventually passed out. I just remember having to go to the bathroom and not being able to pry my eyes open.

In my dream, I dreamed about my rings. The girls woke up at 8 and I was not ready to get up. From somewhere, I remembered my dream and went to search in that spot and they were there. Since AF has arrived my fingers have been swollen so I must of put them on and then during the night, pulled them off and put them on the accent shelf above the bed carelessly and they fell behind the bed. Donald moved the bed and got them out. They are now tucked away in the jewelry box. I am so exhausted right now and after grocery shopping, the girls are going down for a nap and I'm going to bed.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Bad blogger..

Katie and Karly 2 weeks old.

Karly and Katie 2 months old.

Katie and Karly 10 months old.
Last day in old carseats.
See new carseats in header on top of blog :)


Life has been pretty busy. Lots of things going on. In 1 week, I'm going home!! For 2 whole weeks! I am pretty darn excited.


The girls turned 10 months last week. 10 months! Where the heck did the time go? The last day of vacation they will turn 11 months!


I have lost 14 pounds :). I'm pretty darn excited about it. 14 pounds in one month. Slow and steady? I haven't tried to lose a lot, I've just been watching what I eat and trying to work out but on days like today, I didn't and there are days like yesterday where I work out and then do 3 hours of yard work.


I've been a pretty bad blog reader too :(. I am planning on catching up tonight. I hope everyone is well.