Monday, April 30, 2007

Back from vacation..

I got back from vacation today and I have to say it..I had a blast! We had a rocky beginning with a flat tire in PA but after getting it fixed and a good night sleep, the rest continued beautifully. We arrived on schedule in Missouri on Thursday night, around 8. We went right to my grandmas so we could relax. On Friday, we went to the park with Luke and Austin (both 5) and had sonic burgers.mmmm. Friday night everyone came to see me. My 4 siblings and my nephew all came to see me. We hung out for hours just laughing and remembering old times. It was great. On Saturday, I went to see my mom. We hung out at her house then went to the bar. I sang Karoke! Can you believe that? Of course I was slightly intoxicated. :) On Sunday, when I woke up, we went and had family pictures done, ordered all of them and then I was off to Springfield to see my Dad. We went to dinner together on Sunday and watched Happy Feet. On Monday, we went shopping, had a late lunch at 'The Incredible Pizza Place' ate a ton of food and went to see a double A Cardinals game. It rained a bit, but we had a great time. My hubby was happy because the 2006 Championship trophy was there and he got to take a picture with it. On Tuesday we said our goodbye's to my dad and headed to Branson where we took a tour of the Titanic Mueseum. It was pretty neat. After that we headed home. On Wednesday, we hung out with my grandma and did nothing :) It was relaxing. On Thursday, my hubby, my sister and her boyfriend went with me to Ha Ha Tonka. That was exhausting but the sites were amazing. After eating at Taco Bell, we did some errands and went to my uncles for a Bar-be-que. After stuffing our faces with some really good food, we headed back to my grandmas for some relaxing time. On Friday, we went back to Springfield (about an hour away) and met up with my Dad again to go to Silver Dollar City. That was fun!! I haven't been on a roller coaster in years. I also got to ride the new "Swing" and it was terrifying, I wouldn't do it again, but I was awesome! After that we went to 'Ride the Ducks'. It is basically a bus that drives on land and floats on water. They take you on a tour of scenic Branson, Mo, then take you onto TableRock Lake. After all of this fun, I said my final goodbye to my dad, since i won't see him again until next year, got into my car and cried for a few minutes, then drove the hour back to my grandma's. Exhausted, I slept. The next morning, Sat, my last day at home, I showered and got ready for my friend, Shelby's wedding. Ahh, She was so beautiful. Her wedding was modest but wonderful. She did an excellent job. After the I Do's and the food, I went to help my sister get ready for prom. Six hours later..I kid you not..She was ready and on her way. I went to the civic center to take her picture walking down the stairs and left. We stopped by Shelby's parents house, visited for a little bit then went back to my grandma's were we packed and loaded the car. AFter eating dinner and visiting with my grandma, I went to bed. That concludes my Vacation. I had so much fun!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Rain Rain and more Rain!

Today it rained and rained. WEll, it actually stopped but yesterday it rained and rained :) My work cancelled for the day, so i got the day off! So basically i sat around and did nothing. I went out to the pharmacy and picked up my bcp's and really nothing after that. I don't have much to write today.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another Day!

Today was a pretty relaxing day. I didn't do much. A little cleaning, a little reading. Still having to do those awful breathing treatments. I hope they end soon. Tonight I went out to dinner with my hubby and I kept coughing. People were looking at me like I had some contagious disease. Don't they know it's rude to stare?
I'm very excited because we are going on vacation in three days! Going home to Missouri to spend a week and half doing whatever we wish. I hope to see the Titanic Museum in Branson and hiking through Ha Ha Tanka. I also can't wait to see my family. It's been so long.
When we get home, we start our IVF cycle. I really really hope it works. I want to be a mommy so bad. My hubby and I have been married for almost 4 years and I think it's time to add on to our family. Dealing with this infertility has been extremely hard for us but I see an end and it's beautiful!

Friday, April 13, 2007

My first blog! Yay!

So today is my first blog. Actually it's tonite. I will start by introducing myself for anyone may lurk, feel free to leave comments. My name is Tina and I was married on August 2, 2003. I have a wonderful husband. We have be trying to have a baby since April of 2004 with no luck. I'm actually starting IVF soon. I just found out today that meds that weren't supposed to be covered, are being covered. So basically i'm saving like 4000 dollars. That's a new wardrobe! They are mostly injectable medications that go either in my stomach, ACK! or better yet, in my butt! I'm looking foward to it though. Hopefully it will work and I will be blessed by God with the perfect gift. I do believe that God makes all things possible and without him, there would be nothing. We are going on vacation soon. Going to Missouri. My home! I can't wait to see my family. It's been a long year and I can't wait. I am currently doing weight watchers. I've lost 5 pounds! Yay! Slow but steady, right? For a living I'm an early childhood educator. Yes, that is my job title. I'm a lead teacher in a Toddler Program, responsibe for planning and making sure the planning is followed through. Along with the less glamourous wiping boogies, butts and whatever else gets dirty. It's a fantastic job, a little gross from time to time, but fantastic! Today my kids decided to mix together flannel pieces that i had spent an hour seperating. There had to of been like a trillion little pieces. When I walked over to see what they were doing i got a little ummm don't know the word but I was about to say something along the lines of "what have you done" when one of them looks at me and says "Surprise" I didn't know what to do. Turning away from them I started laughing. Well that is it for the day. Hopefully my future posts are interesting :) ~~tina~~