Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I don't leave the girls with sitters often but ..

On Friday, we had someone watch the girls so we could go get the plates for our car. We left them from 6 to 930 pm. When we came back, we got to see how much fun they had. They didn't want to leave so my friend made me a malibu and hawaiian punch and I relaxed with them. We finally got home around 11 and the girls crashed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On Saturday, the girls and I went to Karlys dr appt. Donald had to work so I went on my own. Two toddlers isn't easy when you have one set of hands but let me tell you they were amazing. Katie played nicely in the waiting room (a nurse watched her) while I was in the room with Karly. Karlys throat is healing nicely, thank goodness. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When we were leaving, Karly asked for Pancakes. I didn't want to go home and make pancakes being that it was already 10 so we drove to McDonalds. I was going to go through the drive thru but Karly said "No mommy, go in." I didn't know what to do. Go in to eat? With two toddlers?? Am I that crazy? Yep. I gave her what she wanted. I warned them both. I told them that they will behave and will eat or we go home. I ordered and got them seated. They waited nicely while I went up to get the food. They didn't want a high chair..crazy again, right? So I let them sit on a "big girl" seat. They sat and ate like champs. When we were finished we went to visit Donald at work and then we headed home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I had lined up yet another babysitter to watch the girls so I could attend a babyshower. I dropped them off at a coworkers house and Katie said "Bye Mommy" and pushed me towards the door. So I left. They had so much fun. She took them to the park and gave them lunch for me and they "rested" but didn't nap. I picked them up around 5 and they passed out in the car. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Karly was written up at school for the first time. She was saying "No", blew rasberries at the teacher and wasn't playing nicely with friends. Typical toddler behavior. She was written up for normal toddler behavior. Being a toddler teacher, I would never write a child up for these behaviors. I decided not to make a big deal about but her teacher had joked that she was going to close the blinds so parents couldn't look in. I'm a parent that looks in. When I walked by and saw that her blinds were indeed CLOSED, I called my director and said "Katherine and Karlys MOTHER would like to schedule a meeting with you today." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I know people aren't going to treat my girls the way I do and I know people aren't going to teach children the way I do, everyone has their own style. I've heard my girls being yelled at, I'm only the next classroom over. I've heard my girls cry. It happens. I don't yell at my toddlers and I don't yell at my kids but that's how some people do it. I explained to the director that one day I was in the hallway hanging up artwork and I hear "Not nice Karly, Not nice! NOT NICE! Karly that was not nice" but I never heard anything else being said. Then Karly started crying. It was never explained what she did that was so awful. I was upset. So we had a nice chat. I relieved my spleen. I'm hoping all will get better. On the plus side, my director did tell me I was a great toddler teacher and next year I MAY get to remain in toddlers instead of going back to preschool. I LOVE working with two year olds. It's my favorite age group. Yeah they drive me crazy but they make me laugh all day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fingers crossed, I'll get what I want :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beautiful day!

Yesterday was our first 70 degree day in what feels like a year but was probably only about 6 months haha. I had to work so the girls and I were busy from 8 to 5:40 so we didn't get a lot of time to really enjoy it but when I pulled in our driveway at 6:03 we got out of car and walked the block to the park. We were there for half an hour before the girls started to ask for dinner. We decided to go home and get the girls sweaters and walk the 5 blocks to the Pizzeria and get pasta for dinner. It was a nice walk for us a nice roll in the stroller for the girls. When we got home, the girls and I ate a dish of penne alla vodka (They LOVE this pasta dish). We played for another half hour and at 9 they went to bed.

We are trying to get them back to sleeping in their own beds. Due to tons of fevers this winter, they spent a lot of time in our bed so I could feel when their temps spike. The first night (wednesday) was great. They thought it was fun and feel asleep no issues. The second night was hard. Katie screamed to get into mommys bed, then screamed to get into daddys bed (same bed, different sides lol). When the screaming didn't work, she crawled by the door and started calling "Mommy? Daddy?" to which we answered "Back to bed, Katie". After a few minutes, we went and they had switched beds and fallen asleep. Whatever works. Last night, thanks to the beautiful day, they girls went to sleep literally 5 seconds after the second book. I should add that I, too, fell asleep after the second book. I got an hour of sleep then got up because I still had to clean up.

Today is supposed to be only 50 but that's still warm enough to get us outside for a few minutes. We plan on heading to the park when the sun comes up because right now it's only about 35 and that's a bit chilly.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just 2 photos :)

Girls are feeling better. The next few days are supposed to be beautiful. I got my car back. All is good.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Funny Girls :)

The girls have new phrases. They are :

"Wait a minute" (complete w/ finger)

"Not nice, Mommy!" (for everything they aren't happy with)

"I'm staying home" (when they aren't getting what they want)

"I'm staying in bed" (when they get madder because the first "I'm staying home" didn't work"

"I go uh-stairs" (when they are finished with my in laws)

"Pick you up, mommy" (really? You want to pick up mommy? haha)

"Get my dinner" (as soon as we walk through the front door)

"Drive Mommy!" (everytime I stop at a red light or stop sign)

"I drive!" (complete w/ tantrum when answer is no)

"I love you mommy" (okay not funny but it melts my heart everytime)

"No leave mommy" (after story time when I go to leave. who can say no to that?)

That's all I got for now. Time for bed.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I don't like to vent to my friends but today I just let one go on a very dear friend of mine. She laughed at me through the entire rant but then I started laughing too.

Katie is sick again but she's on heavy dose antibiotic and her fever spiked to 104. She has a respitory infection. I know she'll be fine in a few days.

We had to take our new car into the shop already. Can you believe that?! We needed to put a new door panel on it because it was supposed to have keypad entry and doesn't and the siruis radio that was supposed to be on it, isn't. However, today it kept telling me the driver door was open and it was in fact shut and it wouldn't lock. When I got out of it, it locked and I couldn't shut it. After several calls I finally got a tow truck to take it but then donald got home and was able to unlock it so we drove. We are driving a loaner this week until it's finished. There was a whole bunch of drama trying to get our car worked on but it's over and done with :)

We are getting very excited about vacation. We will be in Missouri over my Birthday and I haven't spent my birthday with my family in 10 years!! It will be nice to celebrate it with my husband, kids and my family.

I've lost only 6 pounds. I really really need to get more into it. I'm not sure if it's the PCOS but something is going on. While watching what I ate, exercising, I gained 8 pounds. I've lost 6 of it but it's crazy. I hate being overweight and don't understand why I am. I eat right, I work out but alas I'm still overweight. The dr said it was the PCOS. I need to go to the Endocrinologist but it isn't in the cards right now :( .

Lastly, I am just heartbroken over what happened in Japan. Watching the footage is so hard but you can't turn your head and act like it never happened, you know? My mother in law made a stupid comment that the homeless children were abandoned by their parents because they saved themselves and I just wanted to yell at her that their parents were probably killed trying to save them and that they were orphans.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another pretty day, we hope to be out and about .. if Katie doesn't have another fever spike.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's a beautiful Saturday and we are all inside. ..

Since Katie is having tummy troubles and has had about 5 mishaps (one actually was made on the potty!) and Karly has a doctors appt at noon for a cold shes had over 2 weeks and possible pink eye, we've stuck to the inside for the morning.

We are hoping that after nap, we will be able to get out and enjoy some fresh air but until then, the girls are watching Toy Story, Donald is doing his thing and I'm going to blog and catch up on others.

~Potty Training~
..Is not going well. We've been trying for months and we haven't made any progress. Today Katie got up and ran to the potty and pooped, received two jellybeans (as was the deal she made with us) but went on herself the rest of the time. Karly keeps sitting but hasn't gone. They have gone maybe 3 times a piece since starting. I potty train as part of my job and this year we've potty trained 12 children and I can't even train my own haha. Oh well. When they are ready they'll do I guess.

Karly is having some issues with possible food allergies. We aren't sure what's causing it because she hasn't had anything different which means she just developed it. I will talk to the dr today about having the allergy testing done. We've already had it done before and they were allergic to nothing. We'll see what's changed. We were thinking oranges, but haven't given her any and she is still breaking out in a rash. I hope on hope that it isn't egg. Everything is made with egg. Everything she eats has egg in it. Her face is very very red this morning. She had half a bagel and a few bites of eggs.

We are getting very excited for vacation. At first we didn't know how it was going to work. Now that we have the new car (which we LOVE), we want to go now. It's just nice to get away from here and not work or drop the girls off in daycare. We look forward to spending tons of time with them and its only three months away!