Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Second U/S tomorrow...

We, of course, are hoping to see two heartbeats tomorrow. I'm more on the positive side and thinking that we will see our baby's heartbeats tomorrow. I am prepared to ask more questions like, How far along are the measuring? How big are they? and When are they due? lol I think I know that one but I'm not sure when they tell you.

I'm feeling pregnant. I have started the lovely morning sickness. I wake up with my stomach turning, it stops around noon and starts again in the evening. I force myself to eat and try to not think about what I'm eating because if I do, I won't eat it. I've lost 2 pounds already but I gained 5 doing IVF so that's ok. It's just water. I'm 6w3d today, at least by my calculations. The dr's will tell me tomorrow what I really am. I think my boobs have definately increased in size. Being a D already, I'm a little nervous about getting bigger. Veins are starting to show and they are sensitive to the touch. I'm a little sensitive and have been getting upset, either angry or weepy, quickly. My hair doesn't fall out in the shower anymore and people think I've done something with it. I think it's great! The last one..I'm exhausted. When I close my eyes, sometimes I don't think they are going to open. Even at work with lots of kiddies running around.

I think I'll close and go to bed. I have to be up at 530 am tomorrow to drive through the snow to my dr's office and it's been a rollercoaster day.

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donnie said...

I can attest to the sensitivity comment as I have been the target for most of the outbursts, but it's ok, I love her and have started to learn to deal/block her out. Love you baby!