Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lets talk maternity pants...

They are so unbelieveably comfortable. I don't think I'll ever go back to regular pants :). They actually feel like sweatpants but they're not!

Okay so tomorrow I'll complete 18 weeks. I'll be starting my 19th week on Monday. I can't believe that as of tomorrow I'll be 4.5 months. Time flies. I have 10 weeks left of work. My next appointment is 3/3 and hopefully they'll tell me for sure what my babies are. I really want to know.

I felt them move again this morning. I haven't felt them move in awhile. I get nervous but then I try to remember that they are small. About the size of sweet potatoes according to the baby books. So I have two sweet potatoes in my belly :). Morning sickness is still going on. It comes and goes, no where near as bad as it was but it's still there.

Today we are going to buy our crib set. I haven't been able to settle on one duck/frog theme so we'll see which one we actually buy. We will be buying the crib at the end of march or beginning of April. I want to set it up when we buy it, so we have to wait until we are ready to do that. We need to more our room around to set up a crib (2 in a few months) and a rocker. I've decided I want the rocker by the window so we can look out while we rock :). That is one moment I look foward to the most. Sitting and rocking my babies.

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That's very sweet.