Monday, December 8, 2008

I have pretty awesome kids :)

I know I post a lot about my girls, but I'm not sure if I brag about them. I want to do that in this post.

I remember in the beginning, all Katherine did was cry. She never napped and all she did was Cry cry cry! It was crazy. She woke up crying, went to bed crying. Was never happy. Now? She cries when she is tired, hungry or poopy. That's it. It's never a screaming fit though. It's a whinny cry and we usually fix the problem immediatly and she's back to being happy. When she's tired, we lay her in her crib. She smiles at us, rolls on her side and falls asleep. She's been playing and grabbing things too. She likes to wrap her little arm around my neck, which I find so sweet but then she grabs a handful of hair and holds on. She also gives me kisses now. She opens her mouth and rubs it over my cheek. I love it.

In the beginning, all Karly did was sleep. She never stayed awake for anything. She'd fall asleep with a bottle in her mouth, go four or five hours without a bottle. She rarely cried. Once her sister started calming down, she started with the fussys too. Cry cry cry cry. (they were both going at it now). Once all that stopped, she became a baby that smiles ALL the time. You just have to look at her to get a full on, eye sparkling smile. It's beautiful. She also giggles so cute and she talks so loud. She is so full of life. She mischevous and she's probably going to get into a lot of trouble the older she gets but I love it. She loves chewing on everything...including her sister. You put her in the crib, she smiles at you, hums for a bit then sleeps all night long.

Both of my girls are pretty awesome. They are beautiful and I'm so in love with them.


Cassie said...

They are definitely awesome and beautiful. I'm so glad things are going so well! And you must be thrilled that they're putting themselves to sleep and sleeping all night!

The hair pulling, though...ouch. But the kisses totally make up for it, don't they?!?!

Anonymous said...

You deserve to brag! They sound awesome, and they look beautiful. I'm so happy for you Tina, you really deserve all that life has blessed you with.

Jody said...

They are just beautiful. You're a lucky mommy!