Friday, May 22, 2009

Bad blogger..

Katie and Karly 2 weeks old.

Karly and Katie 2 months old.

Katie and Karly 10 months old.
Last day in old carseats.
See new carseats in header on top of blog :)


Life has been pretty busy. Lots of things going on. In 1 week, I'm going home!! For 2 whole weeks! I am pretty darn excited.


The girls turned 10 months last week. 10 months! Where the heck did the time go? The last day of vacation they will turn 11 months!


I have lost 14 pounds :). I'm pretty darn excited about it. 14 pounds in one month. Slow and steady? I haven't tried to lose a lot, I've just been watching what I eat and trying to work out but on days like today, I didn't and there are days like yesterday where I work out and then do 3 hours of yard work.


I've been a pretty bad blog reader too :(. I am planning on catching up tonight. I hope everyone is well.


Cassie said...

I can't BELIEVE how much they've grown! They are so precious.

And GO YOU, losing 14 pounds! That is incredible!

Enjoy your vacation!

Patty H. said...

Wow--congrats to you! You're doing GREAT!

Good to see you back on here!