Sunday, December 13, 2009

Before I catch up on everyone...

A quick update.

We are still still alive :)

Katherine is growing and getting bigger. She is growing into such a pretty little girl. Tonight she said "Star". She now says "Right there" "this" "that" "no" "stop" "baby" "nose" "mom" "dada" "look" "clue" "blue". She actually gives us hugs and kisses. It's beautiful listening to her talk and watching her learn. She loves to dance and looks really goofy doing it.

Karly is such a little cutie. She has always used words but doesn't use them as much. She can say all the ones Katie can and she named her duckie "D" haha. She will look around saying "D? D? Deee?" until she finds it. Oh and she says "cup". She loves to run around instead of dance. She isn't much of hugger or kisser but she loves getting them. She likes it when you send her to get something and bring it back to you.

Both girls are recovering from Bronchitis and ear infections. That was pure hell. 10 days of fevers, antibiotics, breathing treatments and dr appts. Yesterday was the first fever free day since last week and today they seemed completely back to normal.

Work is work. Very busy. Every classroom contains 1 or 2, maybe 4 children that require a little extra due to behavior issues, etc. This year, I have a classroom with 16 children who require this. 16 children with behavior problems. It's exhausting. They do what they want when they want. I don't want to call them spoiled, over indulged children, but basically that's what they are. I told my boss that I may be in for it this year but she didn't believe me. No body believed me until I wasn't there on friday. While I was out no body napped and parents were called. I can handle them. I don't ask for parents to be called but now people know just how difficult they are. They are very disrespectful. During the Thanksgiving Story, they told me that they were going to eat cocky and pee pee on their faces. When I told them a story about a sad teacher, they laughed. When I asked if they wanted to hear the story, they laughed and said no. This is normal behavior but when it's multiplied by 16, it's a little difficult to take on a daily basis.

Other than that, life is going and it's going pretty well.


Cassie said...

Okay, first of all, I LOVE the Santa picture! It's priceless!

Great update...glad the girls are over their sickness. I can't believe you're dealing with SIXTEEN rowdy kids all at once...That is insane. You are my hero.

The Lane Family said...

The santa picture is...priceless and so true of twins, let alone twins meeting Santa for the first time!!

The girls seem to be getting smarter and smarter and bigger and bigger. I am with you on sickness we have had plenty and should be done for the season...that is so funny!!

I am sorry about the 16 wild crazy kids and you are my HERO for working with that many. I would be insane!!

happy Holidays!!

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Huzaifa said...

There is a beautiful picture of santa with your babies... i hope and pray for a good life for your family ahead. tk care