Wednesday, January 21, 2009

6 months old :)

We had 6 month photos taken today and if I wasn't already completely in love with my girls and already think they were the most beautiful little girls....well...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted"

It seems like last year around this time I was sitting here crying over my cousin Billy, who was 22 and died in a motorcycle accident. This morning, I get a call from my cousins mom that my uncle Jr, 55, died this morning around 4:30. I am heartbroken. I'm am hurting so bad right now. My uncle is gone. Why? My Grandpa, My Uncle and My Grandma were the MOST important people in my life growing up. Without their love and guidance, who knows what I'd be doing today. My grandpa died in 2001 and now my uncle is gone. I called family but they are hurting as well so I'll just talk to my blog.

My favorite memories:
  • He used to call me "Chipmunk" because of my chubby cheeks
  • He taught me how to drive and didn't tell anyone or get mad when I wrecked his truck.
  • He would always make me laugh.
  • He was honest and good natured.
  • He was very hardworking and would do anything for anybody.
  • He was so kind.
  • He had the greatest laugh. Even when he was told he had 2 months to live, he was laughing at my jokes.

He never had kids. He married my aunt Kathy when I was 15. I like to think he kind of treated me like his daughter. I wouldn't of minded. He was such an amazing guy.

I was trying to order flowers but what do you order? Flowers? I ended up sending a basket of flowers and memory tree for my aunt to plant wherever she wanted.

I'm so angry he's gone. It's not fair. When I went home in Oct, they said he had cancer in his heart and that he had 2 months. Somewhere I feared I'd never see him again but I think I'd talked myself into thinking that I'd see him next year. I wish I could go home and be with my family. My girls need me here. I can't fly in because the airport is 3 hours away from where I need to be and I'm afraid to drive through St. Louis by myself.

And if all of this is not enough...I think my daughter has the fifths disease. How in the heck did she get that? I think I need sleep. It's been a long day.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

Katie trying to wrap up her sister.

Playing under the tree after all gifts were opened

Christmas Eve: Can we open just 1 mommy?
(they opened 1 :))

Posing in their "Our First Christmas" jammies on Christmas Eve
Those were some Christmas photos. I didn't think to take ANY! I am so upset. I didn't get any photos of anything. I was so wrapped up in the moment that it never occured to me to grab the camera. Oh well, at least the video camera was running the whole time.
Anyway, so it's that time again! Time for me to diet. The Holidays are over, I'm not longer pregnant so I need to get into shape. My small goal 20 pounds. I've gained 20 in the last few months, so that stinks. It's all in my belly and face. So my goal is 20 pounds. I've been looking into something to kick start the weight loss and I'm thinking of take a months worth of Slimquick. I'm not one for diet pills and I usually never take them (I hate taking anything...even tylenol) but I think if I get a jump start (the reviews were almost all positive) and I continue with cardio, I'll get a few pounds off and a positive attitude to get my but in gear.
I've also decided to start back up one of my favorite past times. My love for reading. I love historical romances. I like ones from the 1800's in London and I love the early 1900 westerns. Any suggestions? Anyway the first book I've decided to dig into is "P.S. I Love You" I saw the movie and cried through the whole freaking thing. I can't wait to read the book. I've been reading "Story Telling" by Tori Spelling for the last 2 months or so and I'm only half way through because I haven't made time for it but that's in the past. New Year, New Me :) .
The girls are doing great. Katie is starting to sit up, can hold her bottle for a short time, goes to sleep in a matter of seconds (by herself) and weighs a whopping 17.2 pounds! Karly says Mommmmmmmmma, Dada and makes a bunch of other sounds including "Ha ha" lol. At least thats what it sounds like. Lately, she cried at bedtime. Not sure why. She screams hysterically until we pick her up then she stops and smiles. She weighs 14.6 pounds! They are both getting so big!