Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is this life mine?

Sure we don't get to take as many vacations, see as many movies, go out on dinner dates or get enough sleep, but do you know what my morning consisted of? Making scrambled eggs and toast with my daughters helping, eating together and then sitting on the couch with my coffee as my kids ran around playing, one of which had her wonder woman costume over her pjs. Now my husband as them both on his lap reading to them.

Had to take a break for wonder woman. What was I saying..

Oh yeah so this life is pretty stinkin' awesome.

Today I made them little baby beds out of brown boxes (can't wait for Christmas so they can have the real thing) so they are pushing their boxes around the house with their babies inside.

Three years ago we found out that after 47 months of trying, we were going to be parents of a beautiful baby. Little did we know...


Cassie said...

I love this post. SO MUCH! :)

The Lane Family said...

This was a great post and so true!!!