Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's a beautiful Saturday and we are all inside. ..

Since Katie is having tummy troubles and has had about 5 mishaps (one actually was made on the potty!) and Karly has a doctors appt at noon for a cold shes had over 2 weeks and possible pink eye, we've stuck to the inside for the morning.

We are hoping that after nap, we will be able to get out and enjoy some fresh air but until then, the girls are watching Toy Story, Donald is doing his thing and I'm going to blog and catch up on others.

~Potty Training~
..Is not going well. We've been trying for months and we haven't made any progress. Today Katie got up and ran to the potty and pooped, received two jellybeans (as was the deal she made with us) but went on herself the rest of the time. Karly keeps sitting but hasn't gone. They have gone maybe 3 times a piece since starting. I potty train as part of my job and this year we've potty trained 12 children and I can't even train my own haha. Oh well. When they are ready they'll do I guess.

Karly is having some issues with possible food allergies. We aren't sure what's causing it because she hasn't had anything different which means she just developed it. I will talk to the dr today about having the allergy testing done. We've already had it done before and they were allergic to nothing. We'll see what's changed. We were thinking oranges, but haven't given her any and she is still breaking out in a rash. I hope on hope that it isn't egg. Everything is made with egg. Everything she eats has egg in it. Her face is very very red this morning. She had half a bagel and a few bites of eggs.

We are getting very excited for vacation. At first we didn't know how it was going to work. Now that we have the new car (which we LOVE), we want to go now. It's just nice to get away from here and not work or drop the girls off in daycare. We look forward to spending tons of time with them and its only three months away!


Anonymous said...

You know, I *JUST* developed a latex allergy, which means I can't eat oranges. It's the pits.
Fingers crossed it's something easy to take care of!

The Lane Family said...

With my kids my son who is 5 did not develop any food allergies until he was 4. Our pediatric allergist says this is normal if it is something other than a milk allergy so I would certainly bring it up.

I love the story about potty training. My girls are in the same boat. Kaylee loves to go potty and will run in and do it and then come right back and she always goes, she even went poop in the potty this past week. It is not always the same each time and we have had to shampoo the carpet many times. Then there is Avery she loves to play on the potty but never does anything...I guess it is just something you keep working on!!

That is exciting about your upcoming vacation and I am sure you will have a marvelous time :)