Monday, May 9, 2011

Then and now..

Today we went to the Fourth Annual Baby Jubilee. Our RE, Dr, N, has an event where he invites all the parents who have had a live birth (from ART) in the last four years. It's at the Seasons and very nice. I love all the babies you see. Singles, twins, triplets all in one room. It's great. The food is fantastic. We didn't go the first year because the girls hadn't arrived yet but we've gone to the last three. Next year is our last one but we took some great photos tonight but before I show any I wanted to take a stroll down memory lane.
The girls were 9 months old in this photo. Karly is being held by a wonderful man. His name is Dr. N. He was my reproductive Endocrinologist. If you've been a long time reader, you know that my relationship with this dr was a long one. I've cried on his shouldler, yelled at him, doubted him and even walked away from him but when I was ready to talk to him, he always welcomed me back and put me at the top of his list. When they raised the prices $2000 and it looked like we were going to get smacked again, he told us not to worry about it. He gave us our money back after both failed attempts and called me himself to tell me I was pregnant. I love this man to pieces and thank God for him daily.

This was last year. I love seeing how much the girls have grown in just a year.

This year we weren't able to get a picture with Dr. N because the girls weren't having it but they did say "Hi" to him and we talked to him for awhile. He asked me if I was done or if I wanted to try again. I told him we were blessed with these two and they completed our family. He said I had such a hard, long road trying to get pregnant with these two, he understood why. He said they were beautiful and I hugged him and thanked him again for my beautiful girls.

Girls, 9 months old (First Baby Jubilee)
Girls, 34 months old (Third Baby Jubilee)
Girls, 9 months old

Girls, 22 months old (Second Jubilee)

Girls, 34 months old (Third Baby Jubilee)

We found out tonight that they are going to have them for the first five years then have a huge one at 10 years. I hope we are able to come back here for it as in 6 years I hope we aren't living here haha.


The Lane Family said...

What a great event!! It was so fun to see the girls growing and changing!!

If you move I hope it is somewhere you really want to go too!!

Cassie said...

It sounds like your RE was such a blessing in your life. That's awesome!

I love your comparison photos. Your girls are so sweet and I can't believe how much they've grown!

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