Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Grow follies Grow

Okay, So now we are getting into the good stuff. Bloodwork and ultrasound showed a great number of growing follicles. I still have to take those injections, which are starting to feel like acid under the skin. I feel like I have a giant water balloon in my side and I have had a headache for a week. But it's all okay!!! I have 13 follicles growing!!! I believe my egg retreival will be this weekend! I'm an so excited. I mean it's surgery, dont' get my wrong, I'm a little afriad to be put to sleep for 2-3 hours but the prospect of sleeping all day is kind of nice. I've been so tired since this whole thing started. I just can't believe that three years of trying to make a baby has come and gone and now that it is 3 years and one month..the trying to concieve battle is almost done. Well, must go get Lupron injection, get dressed for work and go walk my 2 miles....

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