Saturday, August 11, 2007's been long between post.

Ok. So. Where do we begin. Since my last blog, things have not been going so well. My IVF cycle was cancelled the day we were supposed to be scheduling my egg retrievel because there were only 3 mature eggs. I wanted to scream at him "I only have one ovary, how many do you want" but before I could, he said "you need to have eight." Well. So we go and do a stupid procedure called IUI or artificial insemination. Now, I've already had this done a few numbers of times and guess what? They don't work. So we did and BFN. Now we wait. The end of July comes around and it's time to start again. I start the injections and at my first ultrasound what do they find? A huge grapefruit where my ovary should be. Yes, It's a cyst. IVF #2, cancelled. WTF? So now i'm on another break until October. Sheesh. In good news, I can now start the school year without needles and doctor's appointments. My mind should be on lesson planning anyway.

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