Sunday, October 26, 2008

Vacation photos!

These are some photos from our vacation. They are all located on my myspace page and facebook. My myspace is, feel free to add me :)

After driving for 10 hours, we stopped at the Fairfield Inn. There we got a very nice suite for a hefty sum. Mommy and Daddy had to pay alot because all the hotels were booked. We loved and even though we had our own beds, we wanted to sleep in the big King size bed they were in. We all fit nice :)

After 12 hours on the road, we arrived at our GG's house. GG is mommys grandma. My mommy said I'm named after her. We stayed at her house the whole time we were there. We liked it there. It was very loud at times but a lot of people came over and everyone wanted to hold us.

I didn't so much like the 12 hour trip and had a very serious melt down. Aunt Christian tried to hold me but I wanted no part in it. Mommy had to take me into the bedroom for some alone time before I was socialable.

Grandma Barb came to visit us. She is my mommys mommy. She gave us new clothes and lots of kisses. We like her.

After a few days at GG's house, we went to visit Grandpa Craig and Grandma Teresa. This was mommys Daddy. He didn't know what t do with us because we are small but he said next year he would take us to a bunch of fun places. He did feed me a bottle though.

We went on a walk and my daddy saw this spider. Mommy ran away from it and yelled for daddy not to take us closer to it. Daddy did anyway and took a photo of it. Mommy didn't like that. It was really big!

Grandpa bought us these cardinals pjs. We are a little to big for them but that's ok. It wasn't too cold, so we were good. Mommy had to ask grandpa several times to hold us at the same time.

While we were in Springfield, Mommy and Daddy went to a place called Bass Pro Shops. Mommy thought it would be cute to put me in the chair and Daddy took a picture. Mommy likes the chair. I just want to get out of it.

Daddy took a picture of mommy taking care of us.

When we got back from Springfield, we went to visit my great grandma Gracie. She is my mommys mommys mommy or something like that. While we were there, our aunt Amber came to visit. She had fun playing with her. We like her.

This is our great grandma gracie. She said we were beautiful. She had so much fun feeding us and holding us. Of course, mommy made her hold both of us for a photo op. We didn't have any pants on because it got really hot in Missouri that day.

Grandma Barb wanted to babysit us so mommy and daddy could run to the store. Mommy told grandma she had to feed us both at the same time. She did and they thought it was funny. I don't know why it was funny but they thought it was.

When we went home, mommys brother came over. Uncle Eric got to hold us for awhile but he didn't stay long because he was moving into a new house. We had fun with him and his lady friend.

After church, where mommy had us prayed for, we went the house of one of mommys friends moms, or something like that. Her name is Wanda. Mommy said she spent more time at her house then she spent at her own. We liked this lady. She gave us a bunch of toys.

Daddy decided it was time to sleep in one day. We decided to sleep in with him. Mommy got up and visited.

Our great Aunt Brenda bought us these outfits. MOmmy loves them! We don't know yet.

This is our Granny Madge. She made us the funny hats and the matching blankets. She drove a long way to make sure she got to meet us. It was a lot of fun.

Surprise! Mommy bought us each a chair and a hat that say "My first fishing Hat" whatever that means. I assume we'll be going fishing soon?

Aunt Christian and her fiance' stopped by on our last night there to say by to mommy. We got a cute photo.

Finally, we got GG with both of us. Mommy misses GG very much but we had a great time and we will see her again next year. Thanks for looking!


Jared & Becky said...

I must say I am impressed. You are a brave, brave woman :)

Cassie said...

Oh, such adorable pictures! I love the one of you with the girls, the one of your husband sleeping with the girls, and the one of them in their adorable little plaid hats! SO CUTE!!

I've said it before: You amaze me. I do NOT know how you do it with two of them.

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! You guys sound like you had fun! Love the one of the baby sleeping in with daddy. too cute!