Sunday, April 26, 2009

A beautiful Summer, er, Spring day :)

Today we had a fantastic family day.
We started off at the Jersey Shore Outlets. We bought the girls all new jammies, for the warmer weather, mommy got a new pair of sneakers (sketchers..very cute) and a bunch of new shirts (a size too small, of course) and daddy got a new pair of sneakers and mommy talked him into a pair of flipflops :).
Then while we were eating lunch, I had a nice chicken cobb salad :) Yummmmm, we started talking about beaches and how it's a nice beach day. So, I went to the information desk, got directions to the nearest nice beach (only 15 minutes away!) so we decided to do it.
We got there, found parking and walked to the beach with the girls. We held them instead of using the stroller. (how would a stroller work on the sand anyway?) We sat down in the sand the sat the girls in it. They loved it. We walked to the water and it was sooo cold but like bad parents, we dipped their feet in too. I can tell you, they got very P-Oed. So we brought them back to the beach and sat in the sand for awhile until we knew we had to head back. The mall is a little over an hour away from us and then the drive to the beach so we knew we had a drive ahead.
Anyway, it was a wonderful family day and made me look forward to so many more.


Cassie said...

Such sweet photos! It sounds like your family had a wonderful day. I love spring and summer -- I always have so much more energy!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, sounds like a wonderful day! I miss the beach.

Dr.Rutledge said...

Hi Tina,

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing the experience. Sounds like fun day.

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The Lane Family said...

You have such cute little girls. I have 11 month old fraternal twin girls and a 3 year old. We also went through many infertility treatments, losses and several other things, to finally get our children. I love reading other twin mom's blogs. I just went private but if you would like to read our blog, please e-mail me at

Keri said...

Hi! I found you from Fertile Hope and love your site. What a sweet family day!