Friday, August 28, 2009

Busy Busy.

My girls are getting so big!

Katherine is starting to get the hang of standing alone. She can now get up without holding on to anything. The tubes are really making a difference. She finally has teeth! 2 little ones on the bottom! Also, she is starting to make words. She says: Hi, Bye, Mommy, Daddy, Uh-oh, baby and Juice. She has such a beautiful voice and I love hearing it. She wasn't speaking other than Mummmmmmm before her tubes. She is gaining and growing and oh so beautiful! Her blue eyes are still blue. My husband and I have hazel but my grandfather had the bluest eyes and I hope hers stay. The pedi said they should stay blue. Her favorite activity is reading books. Not me reading the books, her. She likes to sit and turn the pages, staring at each picture she sees.

Karly is a pill. She's walking now, loves to get into stuff and throw tantrums. Oh yeah, tantrums. She threw her first one in public the other day. She would not walk, would not let me pick her up and just sat there on the sidewalk screaming. Why? Because we left the video game store. She is also talking up a storm. She says: Mama, Daddy, Good girl, baby, Katie, Karly, Cup, Hi, Bye and I'm not sure if there is anything else. She is still on the small side but we are getting her to eat more and more everyday. She has 6 teeth with 2 more on the way. That isn't making anything go easier.

I've had to find a different peditrician. My current one, wants to except 1 insurance company and wants everyone do switch. Who switches insurance companies? I can't. So we are going to get another. I found a woman, she's russian and seems to be very nice. She's about 15 minutes from my house and has evening and sat hours. The receptionist was very nice and answered all of my questions (and there were a few). Overall I think we will like her. I set up their 15 month appt/flu shot for October but I think we may be seeing her next week. Karly has had a cold for a few weeks now and it isn't getting better. Yesterday she ran a fever of 101 but it was gone after tylenol and never came back. I don't know what to contribute to teething and whats not.

I'm getting stuff accomplished, I'm sure I am but it feels like no matter how much I get done I still feel like I haven't started. Today is my last workday of spending morning and afternoon with my girls. Starting on Monday, I will be back to full time. I'm happy to be going back but unhappy about missing my girls. I wish I could do both but we all know it's impossible. I know they won't forget me but I still get sad that they might. I start putting my classroom together on Monday. I have everything ready to go.

I've got the first two weeks of lesson plans done and one week turned in and approved. My boss had some notes for me, some activities she wanted me to explain in more detail and had some suggestions about others but I was proud that that was all she had to say. The best part is that when we were sitting there, I said "Wow, I expected worse". She looked at me and asked why. I told her that because I had never written early preschool plans before. I thought her chin was going to hit the floor and for a moment I thought she was going to change her mind about giving me the older kids. She said that she thought I had and I told her I hadn't. I've only worked in early preschool to cover a maternity leave and as an aid. Never a lead. She just said "Okay" and that was it. Thank Goodness.

That's it in a nut shell..a very big nutshell :)


Cassie said...

Sounds like everything's going well! I'm so glad you posted an update -- sounds like the girls are doing great! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad things are going well! Missed you around here!

The Lane Family said...

Karly sounds just like my Kaylee, maybe it is the K-names :) I am also glad the ear tubes worked and that you saw such great improvement.

That is so funny to me about your pediatrician wanting you to just switch insurance companies....what????

Good Luck with school, I am sure you will do an amazing job and please post pictures of your cute room all finished!!

By the way I LOVE the picture of the girls in your header!!

Christy said...

What big accomplishments for everyone! How are you doing with school?