Thursday, October 1, 2009

A quick post

Things have been crazy.

I am getting into a routine, I very busy routine, but it's working.

The morning starts at 530, I wake the girls up at 7. We play, read books. I take them to my mother in law, set up their breakfast and it's hugs and kisses and goodbyes. They cry once in a while when I leave but not for long and not a lot.

Work is busy. I have never had a classroom of children like this. They are only 3-4 years old but are extremely unruly. This makes it a bit harder. The director came in to observe what I had been telling her and she was shocked. She said I had never complained about a class of children before so she had to take a look. I won't go into it right now. It's late but the stories I have haha...

The girls are fantastic! Getting so so big. It does my heart good to watch how smart and well behaved they are. The other day Katie said something that sounded like "You go to work?" My mother in law thought the same thing. They are trying to talk so much more now.

More later :)

I hope everyone reading is well.