Saturday, January 30, 2010


I'm thinking I need to start blogging regularly. I recorded so much by blogging and now I'm forgetting to blog and thus forgetting everything.

One thing I want to blog about tonight is Katie saying "hug" LOVED IT!

They are becoming so much more affectionate now. Today when I was making lunch, Katie ran up behind me and hugged my legs then looked up for a kiss. It was so sweet. She is such a cuddle bug. I havent' figured out Karly yet haha. She doesn't like to be hugged a bunch, or kissed a bunch. Doesn't give kisses or hugs, doesn't like to be held. Likes to be left to her own. I want to squeeze her all day but she hates it so I guess we just let her be.

Katie has been sleeping better and better. When she was in the crib, she would wake up at 4. Now it's getting later and later. This morning she got up at 6 and got in bed with us and then we all slept until 830. How beautiful is that!


Anonymous said...

You should definitely blog again, I miss you and you'll love being able to look back at these precious times when they're bigger.

Cassie said...

Yes yes yes, I definitely hope you start blogging more! I've missed your updates on life and the precious pictures of your girls!

The Lane Family said...

I am so excited that you are going to start blogging more. I find that it is a wonderful way to connect with friends but also more important than that it is away to document all of the moments I NEVER want to forget!!

Your little girls are so cute and like my girls, so different but so alike :)

We are working on the bed issue with Kaylee and hoping that is the answer to more sleep :)