Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2 sick monkeys :(

My monkeys are sick.

Katie has a respitory infection or a virus. She is very congested, has a yucky cough and a constantly running nose. She needs her nebulizer, benedryl, prednisone and if not better by Saturday, she'll be getting an antibiotic.

Karly has a cold and an ear infection. She has been started on an antibiotic.

I feel bad for my little ones but you wouldn't know they are sick.

Katie is a bit irritable and crabby when she gets sleeping but Karly is happy as can be. She wakes up crying, I'm guessing it's from pain. Tonight I gave her tylenol to ease any pain.

We have all fingers and toes crossed for a good nights sleep ( haven't had one of those for awhile).

(those of you that are used to getting comments on your blogs from me, if you haven't been getting them, it's not letting me. I keep getting "service unavailable" messages. Am I the only one?)

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Cassie said...

It's amazing how resilient kids are, even when they're sick. Andrew NEVER stops, even when he's really not feeling good! I hope they're all better soon, though, and that you all got some good sleep last night.

I was getting those messages a couple of days ago, but I haven't had any trouble lately. Stupid Blogger!