Sunday, September 12, 2010

I wuve you too mom ..

Sweeter words have never been spoken.

Last weekend we decided to go to the park. It was late, 730 ish and it was getting dark but there is this beautiful park in our town right on the Hudson with a magnificant few of Manhattan. We love it there. The girls played with the other children while Donald and I watched the girls and enjoyed the views.

When it was time to leave, Katie was tired and wanted me to carry her to the car. She wrapped herself around and squeezed so I squeezed her back and said "I love you, Katie". She replied "I wuve you too, mama". Tears ..

Since that weekend, she tells me everyday. Karly has started saying it too, It's great. I love them so much and I know they love me but I love hearing it.

I also love how big they are getting. Just one week of school and Donald and I are amazed by how much more they communicate with us. Karly has started using sentences. She says "Read this, mommy", "Another one, pease", "There it is!", "Here I am", "Here ya gooo" and so on. It is really cute.

Katie speech is a little concerning to ME but not to her teacher, my director, friends or family. She talks non stop. You can make out what she says most of the time but it's not right. Karly talks like a toddler but Katie more babbles out her words. "Play" is "way", "Eat" is "eee" but "Pony D" is "Pony D", so I don't know.. We are going to wait until October to make the call.

The girls named their "lovies". Karly has called her duck "D" since she could talk. We were calling him "ducky" but she just started calling him "Dee". Katie just recently started calling hers "Pony Dee". It was cute.

They've also just started coming up to me and lounging on me. I love this most of all. When I'm sitting on the couch, they come sit next to me, drape their legs over mine and lay their head on my shoulder and look up at me. We will just sit and talk for many minutes. I rub their hair, they name all my facial parts, such a precious time for me and I love each second they sit there before they are up and off again.


The Lane Family said...

I loved this post and it touched my heart as well. These are the moments that make being a mommy worth it all. It means even more to me when my girls do it because I know how hard it was to have them in our lives and our homes :) I am sure you feel the same way!!

Cassie said...

Oh, Two is so wonderful sometimes, isn't it? I love hearing Andrew tell me he loves me in his sweet little voice. There is absolutely nothing better!