Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A very busy day ..

All my days are exhausting but some seem busier than others.

Today my assistant left early so I was basically on my own. I had a helper but she isn't into our routine so everything was go with the flow. The children were so hyped up. Class counts have been low due to the Holiday but we had 10 out of 14 today.

This afternoon it was evident that the kids needed some big time physical activity so we broke out the dancing scarves and some fun dance tunes (hokey pokey, cotton eye joe, crazy bus etc) and we just had some good ole fun. I really enjoyed dancing silly with the children. I think I get caught up in all the other parts of my job (running the room and making sure everything is going to plans) that I forget to just relax and have fun.

I left half an hour early so I could take the girls to the dr. They needed a follow up to the Christmas ER visit and I didn't make it yesterday so we went tonight. I took me an hour and 15 minutes to get there (usually it's 1/2 an hour). This snow is terrible! They are taking it out in dump trucks but it's still everywhere.

Katie is fine. Her coughing is caused by post nasal drip. She will continue Pulmicort for 3 more weeks and will get benedryl to help with PND while she sleeps. Her cough sounds phegmy but dr said her lungs are clear. No wheezing and whistling so that's good news.

Karlys ear is still red on the inside. The membrane is ruptured and we aren't sure if it will heal of if she needs to see an ENT. They said she may need a hearing test to see if her hearing was affected by the rupture. I wish the dr would of listened to me and would of given her antibiotics when I asked for them. She seems so much better though. She's happy and eating and having fun at school.

We are really looking forward to another three day weekend but this one is going to be a healthy one :)

Happy New Year!


Cassie said...

Happy New Year to your family, Tina! Hoping that Karly's ear heals on its own.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too! I'm glad those girls are getting better!!