Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year Eve :)

Right now the girls are running around the living room yelling "Clean up Clean up" but they aren't doing much cleaning .. It's pretty darn cute :)

Girls are going to bring in the New Years their happy goofy-selves. Love.

I'm never happy to see a year gone. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We had a lot of fun, nothing too bad happened. We had a great vacation home and took a trip to AC (which we enjoyed). We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and the girls turned 2. I know next year has a ton of new things for us to enjoy and to celebrate and I'm excited.

Katie was approved for OT and PT. She'll get each for 45/minutes, once a week. They were going to add a behavioral therapist but she doesn't have any behavorial issues. They just wanted to stay on top of it because some children who have these issues tend to act out and misbehave but we decided that Katie may become overwhelmed if she's pulled out of her classroom 3 times a week and with 3 different people every week when one isnt really needed but if she does end up needing it, they'll bring him/her in.


Patty said...

Happy New Years!
I love the Christmas pictures! :)

The Lane Family said...

Happy New Year and the Christmas Pictures are adorable!!

I love the doll carriers and the babies Santa brought...maybe because my girls got the same :)

Cassie said...

Great pictures!! I love their jammies and their cute little dolls!