Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thinking out loud..

or in writing..

Today I was at work and I couldn't help but think that I've been in this profession for awhile now and I'm beginning to realize that the kids behaviors are getting worse. Children are getting to "Rule the roost". They have no boundaries and are undisciplined. Of course they are all perfect in their own little way but I spend more time in my room breaking up fights, tending to battle wounds and discipling than anything else. What's the deal?

I'm so exhausted and worn down when I get home. Who wants to say they just spend the last 10 hours putting 2 year olds in time out? I try to use positive enforcement .. a lot. I try to ignore the minor and do redirection but it's on going.

They older they get the more disrespectful they get. I love my class. I love the kids, I do but this just has to stop. I walk in every single morning with a smile and a great attitude and 3 hours later I'm done.

Of course I blame myself. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. What can I do better tomorrow? I plan it out, I put it into action and sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn't. I don't know this is just my thoughts at the moment.

Tonight when we got home, the girls and I walked to the park. I just sat on the bench with my ear buds in and watched the girls run around. I needed some time alone but the girls didn't deserve to sit inside on such a beautiful day so I got what I needed and they go what they needed. It was a win win.

Katie doesn't need surgery thank goodness. She has a mild snore but it isn't affecting her in any way so we are good. Karly is doing very well.

Vacation is coming in 3.5 months. The girls are super excited. We told them all about vacation. We are going to a cardinals game, a family reunion, the st louis zoo, to see their grammy, GG and their cousins and it all starts on their birthday. Yep, their 4th Birthday. We are planning a huge birthday party for them back home. Should be fun fun fun. I can't wait :)

I guess that's everything on my mind. I still want to lose 35 pounds but that ain't happening. Of the 50 I wanted to lose this year, I've lost 15 :( ... boo.


The Lane Family said...

You are not the only teacher I know who has the same feelings about the kids that are being raised today..hang in there and remember you are doing a better job than you may think!!

Also don't give up on your weight loss goals you are still on your way so hang in there!!

Cassie said...

15 pounds is nothing to sneeze at! You're doing AWESOME!!! Keep it up.

And I agree with you about kids today, even though I am raising two of my own in this generation. I definitely see a lack of discipline on the part of many of my fellow moms. I know everyone has their own strategy, but if your kid is a spoiled brat, obviously your strategy isn't working! Okay, done with my two cents. :)

The evening in the park sounds absolutely blissful. I'm so glad you're finding a way to find peace in the midst of your crazy life.