Saturday, March 17, 2012

An update on us :)

Okay so my computer had to go to the doctor to get fixed and that took forever. I can blog from my phone but that is a total PIA so I haven't been blogging.

Things have been going okay. Katie is pushing her limits and acting like a spoiled brat, Karly is still on cloud 7 chasing butterflies as usual. I had a follow up with my doc and he said to continue with the meds. No reason to stop the paxil. I've lost 15 pounds (been going up and down 5 pounds but I've lost it).

We spent a wonderful day at the park today. It was beautiful outside. Just needed a long sleeve shirt and a sweater and you were good. We even got in a game of soccer. We left to have lunch then went back to the park. I got home and made some tomato soup with pasta and meat (seasoned with onions, salt and pepper) with broccoli and then we had a bomb pop (remember those) and then the girls got a nice hot bath and got scrubbed brushed and slipped into jammies before being tossed in to bed and asleep two minutes later. That was worth the day in the sun.

Katie had her sleep study done. She did very well. Our appointment to get the results is thursday. The nurse said I didn't need to worry about anything so that is good. The sleep study was to decide if she needs to have her tonsils and adenoids taken out so we'll see.

Karly is good. There really isn't anything different with her. She's still goofy and laughs a lot. She got those thingys for her shoes and doesn't like them much. She's been feeling pretty good. She still has a morning cough thing going but all in all she's good.

Vacation is around the corner. Mid summer hurry up lol.

Work is work and that is for another day.


Cassie said...

I've missed you, lady. Thanks for the update!! XOXO!

Patty said...

Glad things seem to be okay! Keep us updated about the possible surgery!