Sunday, January 20, 2008

13 Weeks!!!

We found a crib!!! Today we went to Baby Depot and were looking at baby anyway, we spot this crib. I think it's fabulous because of the storage underneath AND the changing table/drawers and shelves on the side. It is a cute shape and the color is okay but it doesn't matter if my hubby doesn't like the price. Guess What?! It is only $299.00!! Praise the Lord of outlet stores! Since we will be needing two, it makes sense to buy cheaper cribs, but to find the one I love and can afford to pay for, is just a blessing. We didn't purchase it yet..still too early, but it is always in stock ( as told to us by sales rep) so we are in good shape. We spent a great deal of time looking for baby stuff and can't wait to shop. How Exciting!

13 weeks...It feels like it's flying but at the same time it is still going slow. We have another appointment tomorrow, this time with the OB then our next will be on the 12th of Feb. We are still hoping to find out gender but we'll have to wait to see if dr/babies will cooperate.

On the subject of gender..I have always thought I'd want a boy/girl. Today I just realized that I'm excited to be having whatever (I still can't wait to find out what they are) but I am looking foward to whatever we have. I would love to have boy/boy or girl/girl because they could have a matching room and grow up together, they could share clothes (we'd only buy one of everything!) and such. BUT boy/girl would be fantastic because I would have the experience of raising both. It would mean buying double the clothing but it would be great! So! It's been a great 13 weeks!

(Morning sickness is starting to subside, still feeling tired but I'm still working 9-10 hour days, but I've been having headaches-4 out of 7 days so far, but we are doing good. Can't wait to see them tomorrow..or at least hear their heartbeats!)


Teri said...

I am so excited for you & your wonderful blessing! I can't wait to hear more updates from you!
~Teri (greggsgirl_84)

Teri said...

Hey Tina - we're actually in PA. My current doctor is in Allentown & the clinic that I'm looking into is SHER infertility in Phillipsburg. Where is Paramus?

donnie said...

Just for the record, I found the crib, someone else was busy looking at bedding ha ha ha