Friday, August 15, 2008


Pictures today: Anytime is cake time lol. We bought a small cake and i did my best..
Me, not really feeling well, but look how precious they are!!!

Both babies are sleeping at the same time! Katherine is no where near as fussy as she has been the last several days. I'm actually getting laundry done!

Last night was a pretty good night. We had them in bed at 9:30 but Karly didn't go to sleep until almost 10. I slept from 10-2, when Katherine woke up. I spent an hour feeding, burping and putting her back to sleep. When I layed her in her crib, Karly woke up and the next hour, I spent with her. I slept again from 4-6, when Katherine woke up again. I fed and burped her and she fell asleep in my bed. We allow them to share our bed in the morning. That's it. Karly slept until 9 and it was very nice. I slept until 7, when Katherine woke for the day. It was a very pleasent night. No crying, except to wake me up. I love them to pieces.

We went for our morning walk, which as always, ends with seeing Daddy at work. We are so fortunate to live in walking distance of his job but still in a very quiet neighborhood.

On the workfront. I have decided to go back to work. I'll be working 3 to 630 without the responsiblities I had as a lead. It will be a very nice change, I'll get to spend all morning with the girls and the extra money will be great. It doesn't sit well from time to time but it will be good for all of us. Daddy will have his alone time, and he'll get to know them better.

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Teri said...

Good luck going back to work! I'm sure you'll be happy to see the kiddos again and to get out of the house for a little bit. When do you go back?