Thursday, August 21, 2008


Last night really wasn't that bad. We did baths at 7, put on jammies, I read to them, hubby read to them, bottles at 8:30 and bed at 9. They slept until 1:20. I fed them, put them back into bed and let them fuss it out til they went to sleep. Katherine isn't so good at this, so she slept in the swing until 3:30. They both got up to eat at 5 and slept until 7, put them in bed with us and they slept nicely until 8:30. All in all..I slept really well. Hubby woke up with 10 minutes to get ready and get to work...ouch.

Karly fussing. One day I'll finish a blog :).

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Anonymous said...

One day a time, I guess. Glad you got some rest!