Thursday, April 29, 2010

Karly has been doing very well. She loves making people laugh, likes to eat apples, and loves to carry things around in her basket. She loves being read to and has started "reading" back to us. Her favorite words are "Katie" and "Apple".

Katherine is doing so well. She is talking and learning more and more it's hard to keep up. She loves hugs and kisses and telling mommy and daddy "No". She doesn't like to eat dinner and causes her parents some undue stress :). She is so lovable and refers to her sister and the "baby".

Things are going well. We are counting down to vacation which is in one month. Working 9 hours a day is getting to me because when I get home, I have an hour and a half with the girls before it's their bedtime and then by the time I get everything ready for the next day I'm exhausted. There are so many things I want to blog about and maybe I'll start blogging again. It really helped to alleviate some anger and anxieties I was holding in.


Cassie said...

I really hope you do start blogging again! I've missed you and those sweet little girls!

The Lane Family said...

I really do hope you start blogging more because I love to read your blog and your girls are so darn cute!!

I love the picture boards that you did they are great!!!