Friday, July 16, 2010

Birthdays and stuff..

Katherine and Karly .. 2 years old..

On the 14th, I left work early, ended up having to take my stupid car in to have service and that took two hours. The girls didn't mind, they have fun everywhere. It rained so we had to change their party to Thursday.

On the 15th, I worked until 430 is then left early again. My check is going to suck lol. Anyway, I got home and we started getting everything ready. Guests started showing up and all was well. My In-Laws don't like anyone coming over so they didn't join in on the celebrations. Didn't even come outside for cake or buy the girls anything. I don't know.. We had a great time. They girls were running around and playing with the other children. We had a great time. Girls didn't get in bed until 1130 and slept until 8 this morning. I didn't take many pictures but below are some..

Today I left work really early. Tomorrow is Donalds last day of vacation and since I couldn't take another vacation, I tried to leave early every day so I could spend extra time. Today we went shopping for a beach umbrella. We tried 5 and below because a friend said to check there. They didn't have one so we tried another. Then we tried the Christmas Tree shoppe, nothing. We got some chair umbrellas and called it a day. When we went into a liquidation store, we told the girls they needed to sit in the cart. Karly said no no but I explained she had to. In the store, she started screaming "down down". With twins, when you let one down, you let the other down. Then they opposite directions. the liquidation store is not the place for this. Karly got so upset we had to take her to the car to calm her down. She was convulsing, couldn't breathe, it was all just silly. Donald got upset. I brought Katie to the car and we left.
While in the car, I gave the girls their markers and coloring books because there was traffic. They love to color. Karly started saying "daddy, I color" "daddy, I color green" Donald turned around and choked. I asked him what and he hid his face and was laughing. He told me not to look. Karly started laughing and said "Momma I color green!" When we got to the store, I got out of the car and opened the back door. OMGoodness! She did color green. All over her legs, feet, arms and hands. Her carseat and was starting on her neck. She was green. Not lines or drawings, she covered herself. She colored in the parts of her feet showing out of her sandal. I wanted to laugh, I wanted to cry. I took her marker, put the cap on and while I listened to Karly say "Green" over and over (i'm happy she knows the color) I took out wet wipes and started wiping all the marker off. She had a green tint to her skin but what could we do. We decided to go home and order dinner since our daughter was green.
When I got home, my neighbor was outside. Our daughters like to play together so we chatted while they ran around. She looked at me and said "Why is she green?" I told her the story and she laughed. After they each ate and entire slice of pizza and a cup of milk, they were dunked in the tub. Karly is back to her normal color..Not Green!

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I REALLY wish there was a picture of that!!! LOL