Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Jersey Childrens Museum

This weekend we chose another location to take the girls to. We chose this childrens museum. The only downside is that adults had to pay as well. There is nothing for adults to do. This place was completely child-friendly. Everything is at their level, everything is childproofed and safe for them to touch. There were about 20 different "rooms" for children to explore. There was a drs office, ambulance, dinosaur cave, castle, living room, pizzeria, grocery store, construction site, dance studio and it goes on and on. What I was saying before is, the adults job is to follow their child, sit in assigned areas to view your child while they play (you are able to interact if you wish but my girls had so much fun being on their 'own') and then you cleaned up. I had to pay to get in to watch and clean up after my kids. I don't mind watching them or cleaning up after them but to pay for it? It was only $42/family of 4 but still.

They had an awesome time.

5 weeks from tomorrow, the girls start school. I'm very excited to open this door for them and watch them learn so much.


Patty said...

That sounds like so much fun for the girls!

By the way, I would LOVE to get together while I am in New Jersey. Can you shoot me an email? We can set something up. I'm not totally sure what my sister has planned while I'm there yet, but I will be there for 10 days so hopefully we could meet for a little while!

Cassie said...

That sounds so fun! I wonder if there's something like that around here -- Andrew would love it!

And I am so TOTALLY JEALOUS that you may get to meet Patty. :(