Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The last few days :(

Monday, Katie got 6 misquito bites. Tuesday she had a fever, was sneezing and coughing and just miserable. After a screaming fit well into the AM we realized she may be constipated as well. How does all of this happen to a little girl in two days?

We ended up having to take her to the dr for the bites. They are infected. She has to take an antibiotic orally and one to rub on the skin. She also has a cold and we treated the other. How awful is this?

She is feeling much better tonight. Still congested and a slight fever but overall she seems happier.


The Lane Family said...

Poor Miss Katie!!! It sounds like she has had quite the week with the bites and congestion and a fever.

I am glad that she is feeling better and that they were able to help her out!!!

Cassie said...

Oh no! Poor baby girl. :(

I'm glad she's feeling better now, though!