Thursday, September 8, 2011

Turning my blog into a book .. hmm

Some of the post on here aren't really keep worthy but a ton of them are. I was thinking of making this blog into a book. Here are the prices: Hard cover/full color-$99, Soft cover/full color-$89, soft cover/b&w-$32.

I could do the $32 but the others are a bit steep. Last night I spent a lot of time reading my older posts and wondered what would happen if I lost this site. That's 4 years of memories I'd lose. Funny part, when I read the blog entry and then saw the comments button, I could remember exactly what the comments said before clicking to read it.

I love my blog. I think I will most definitely print most of it out. Ramblings of work and stuff aren't that important but my IVF and my pregnancy and the girls first few years is.


It's the first week with a new set of kids. They are mostly young. I have a few that don't turn 2 until the end of October. I usually have the older toddlers. Those that turn 3 in November so this is different.

The first day was okay. They cried, they laughed, they cried some more. Parents on my case asking why their child is crying. I have to keep telling them that it's normal. They look at me like I'm crazy. The second day I said "Look. I've been doing this for more than 10 years. It's normal. It happens every single September and there's nothing anyone can do. They are going to have to cry until they see that they are happy. I don't know why they need to cry but they do."

My girls never cried. Not one day at drop off. I really don't know why some kids cry. I'm not talking about the ones that cry for a little bit in the morning at separation and then go play. I'm talking about the scream-until-I-vomit and then scream some more and more and more and more. I have a few that cry All.Day.Long.

It's like I'm torturing them. We do everything to make them happy and sometimes you just have to let them cry.

They are going to their job and I'm going to spend the day with your screaming child. Yes, I will heat up their food. Yes, I will give them something to drink. Yes, I will change their diaper. Yes yes yes!! Not my first walk in the park, ya know?

Just say "Thank you" and Get off my back.

vent over.


Cassie said...

I've thought about turning my blog into a book, too. The boys' entire LIVES are chronicled on my blog. It's their "baby book," so to speak. I'd cry if I lost it.

And I don't know how you teachers do it, seriously. Some parents can be...well, some parents can be assholes, to put it plainly. Ugh. I hope it gets better. I'm sure it's not easy to deal with.

Anonymous said...

I think turning into a book is a great idea. How do you go about doing that? I'm quite interested, even though my own blog chronicles nothing as dear as a baby book might.

Good luck with work. It can be so...rough.

Dawn said...

Yeah, can you use this special milk I brought, and can you make sure to feed my child this snack at exactly 10am, 11:17am and 2:34 pm? Oh, and can you also do this while keeping up with every other child???


Abby said...

I used Blurb to turn mine into a few books so far...its a bit of work to make it look nice, but I cherish those books!! (one is about my pregnancy and one is 0-6 months...working on 6-12 now and then plan on doing yearly ones)