Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's funny how things work out ..

Last night I decided to clean. Really clean. You know, the "pull out everything from under the bed, out of the closet, check and clean under every piece of furniture" clean. Yeah I got this idea at 7. I got the bedrooms done and even pulled out the girls area rug to throw it away. The dr thinks we should get rid of all carpets/rugs because of the girls' asthma. Thank goodness we have hard wood floors throughout the house.

Anyway when I was done with this I put the girls in bed and I went to bed to watch "Life As We Know It". Haven't seen it? You HAVE to watch it. So good. Well half way into the movie, I hear a little voice. "Mommy, can I lay in bed with you and watch your movie?". Sure why not. Well one thing led to another and we were giggling and doing our nails. It was so much fun and so natural.

After I finally got Katie to sleep (at the end of New Moon), I started thinking how different my life would of been had God answered my prayers. If you remember, I prayed for a boy or two boys and I begged and pleaded to Him not to give me two girls. Funny that at 26 weeks I found out God totally ignored me.

I can't imagine having boys now. I believe I truly got what I was meant to have. Two little girls. They love having their hair done, pretty dresses and cute shoes. They also love playing in the dirt with their favorite cars and trucks.

He knew my fears about being a mom to girls and I guess he knew better. We have a great relationship and we get closer the older they get.

In other news

Last night I broke my frickin' tooth. Well I didn't, the carrot did. Now I've known all along that I have a cavity in this tooth but I don't have dental insurance and dentists are expensive and I just kept putting it off. I'll sadly be going to see a dentist tomorrow morning, bright and early :( boo!

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Cassie said...

As a mother of two boys, I now can't imagine having girls! It's funny how you don't always get what you THINK you want...but you end up getting what you need. <3.

Sorry about your tooth...ouch!!