Monday, August 13, 2007

Today was...

I don't know how to say it. Finally a day that has nothing to do with infertility, just life. First off, I really hate my job. I love the kids but that's it. I don't care for the people I work with anymore. After my assistant walked out, which everyone is blaming me for, my employer treats me like a disease. I was not responsible for her walking out. I had nothing to do with it. She was whining about the place for awhile and complaining. She never said 'hi' to me when she walked in the room and she called the kids bad. Anyway, not my problem. But now the nurse is mad at me because she wants to be referred to as adminstration and she's not. She's the damn school nurse. She doesn't make any decisions and the last time I made the mistake, and assumed she was, I got a long letter from my boss explaining to me that she was the nurse, not adminstration. So I basically spend all day in my room, 9 hours in my room, by myself. Basically doing everything. I don't care. At least I know it's getting done. The new school year is starting soon and I am changing rooms. Staying with Toddlers, just changing rooms. I'm looking foward to the change. It will be nice. I'm also having a different morning assistant. I've had my current assistant (morning one, not the one that quit) for 3 years now and getting a new one might be a fresh change. Her name is Kim. I'm excited to meet her. She knows how to run a classroom and has been doing this for awhile. Good news, she knows how to change diapers quickly and clean up after children and get their attentions. It should be a great help to me. I'm just worried about a new afternoon assistant. I always get these young girls who know nothing and are there for a paycheck. They don't help. They are just in the way.

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