Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekends can destroy your diet...

This weekend was a very fullfilling one :). It's not that I ate a lot but I did. We went to a buffet last night and ate beef, chicken, pork and fruit along with rice, black beans and salad. Today I had an omelet w/ 2 eggs, cheese and canadian bacon and for lunch I had half of a pulled pork sandwich. For dinner I had roast with potatos and string beans. For snack I had a tablespoon of peanut butter, a banana and a glass of milk. There's my diet info. In case your wondering, I posted before that they say if you write down what you eat, you'll eat less. I'm testing it out.
Monday marks the last week with my kids. I've been with these children since Sept 5th. I'm going to miss them. It's been nice watching them grow and learn. I was able to potty train most of them. They were a really good class. Individually they were a handful but as a class they were cooperative and easy going. My new class is coming in next Tuesday and I can only hope for the best.
This will be my third year as a lead teacher in the Toddler Program and I think I'm learning a lot from them. I felt the first year was chaos because I had never lead a Toddler Program before so the year was not a good one. Lots of headaches and time outs. However, I did learn and I used what I learned to lead a very successful year. Now I can take what I learned from the last two years, apply what works and what stop what didn't and this year can only be better.
I went into the tinytot rooms to view my future kids and they seem to be good kids. But every teacher disagrees with the way the other does things. I listen to their present teachers complain about this one or that one and I ignore it because I do things differently and they might act differently for me, therefore, I don't get a preconcieved idea of how they are going to act.
On the fertility, or lack there of, side of things, I'm still waiting for Oct 10th to come along. Not much to update on. It's going to be a long wait.

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Good luck on your takes some willpower, but you can do it.

It sounds like you're a great lead for the toddlers...only 1 more reasom you'll make a good mommy. You already have potty training down...I can't say that for myself!