Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's been..

a horrific week and a half. I'm not happy about my classroom or the children in it. Some are okay but most of them are disrespectful and spoiled. The other ones cry all day. I know I feel this at the beginning every year, but this year seems worse. I just want to have a baby already.

For the weight journal, I'm down 14 pounds (since feb) !! I stepped on the scale and saw that 3 more pounds have melted (I gained a few during my trip to Atlantic City) and I almost fainted with excitement. Yay!!

I've been having some annoying twitching in my face and other muscles. I think it's from stress. I tried to diagnose myself on web md but all they have are bells palsy and seisures. I know I don' t have either of those.

Well I'm off to work. This sucks.. Why do I do this???


Busted said...

Ugh - I hope your work stuff improves. Congrats on the weight loss!

donnie said...

Don't worry baby, things will get better, trust me