Tuesday, March 25, 2008

100th Post!

So as I was beginning to start this post, I noticed this is my 100th post. Today we had a follow up with MFM (maternal fetal medicine) and they tried to get the last of the anatomical measurements and at last try to get a 100% gender for baby A.
  • Baby A weighs 1 pound 1 ounce, heartreat is 160 bpm and is in the 50 percentile and still has not opened her little legs so we can get a definate that she's a she and not a he. We were able to complete almost all of her measurements except her heart. It appears to be beating normally and is growing correctly but they won't give me the clear until they get the best possible look at it so they gave me 2 choices: Wait until my next appointment in 3 weeks to retry or I can go see a fetal cardiologist. The thought basically scares me and if there are no concerns, I'll wait the 3 weeks. If in 3 weeks we still don't know, I'll see the specialist. Oh and Baby A yawned..it was sooo cute :)

  • Baby B weighs 1 pound even, heartrate is 145 bpm and is in the 48th percentile (because she is only 1 pound). We were able to see the three lines that make a little girl, so we know she's a she. We completed all of her measurements and she is growing right on target. She was actually a bit more quiet than usual but I had a lot of carbs for lunch and that might of made her sleepy..I know it did me.

  • I've gained 2 pounds in the last 3 weeks...Rock On!!! Total gain so far is 11 pounds/ 22 weeks. My blood pressure is 106/64 and urine and blood are good. My C-Section has been scheduled for July 9th!!! 7AM.

Last, I'd like to say my heart is breaking for Schmoodle. I read her blogs and she is always giving me advice and answering my concerns. She is in my prayers. No one should have to go through what she has just gone through.


Ariella said...

It is so sad about shmoodle. I am just heart broken for her.

Kristen said...

So glad to hear your babies are developing beautifully. Are you sure you don't want to deliver them on July 3, and then name one of them after me, as the 3rd is the BEST birth date in July!!???!! :-) LOL.

God bless Schmoodle!!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel sick with pain for Schmoodle.

It is great news that your babies are doing well. Since you have 1 baby that is for sure a girl, is one of your names for sure hers? Oh, I'm just obsessed with names.