Sunday, March 9, 2008

20 Weeks down..17 to go!

20 weeks!

There is not much to update but I always update on Sundays :)..

We talked to the dr on Monday and she was saying that with twins, she does the c-section at 37 weeks but most of the time, they don't make it that far. I want to be one that does. I want them both to come home with me and for that I need full term big babies :).

Work is going okay. I'm a little annoyed though, because on Friday, I wasn't feeling to well and by 4 I was having body aches, chills, cramping and my back hurt. Not to mention I was getting a headache. I felt crappy all over and I wanted to fall asleep. Children counts were low, so I went into the office to ask if it was okay to call it quits for the day and the only person still working in admin was the nurse. She told me to go home if I wasn't feeling well, so after checking with the other teachers, making sure they were covered, I left. I left 45 minutes early. Well apparently the nurse told my boss that the reason she couldn't answer the phone was because I took it upon myself to walk out early...argh. I'm not worried about this. By boss can't stand the nurse anyway but just that she said that. Like I would just walk out. So Monday, I'm wondering what to say to the nurse. Stupid lying B*tch comes to mind but I have much more class than that :)

I thought I'd be able to work longer than May 2nd, but I'm not sure now. I'm so freaking tired of that crap, I'd rather just stay home and grow babies.


Patty H. said...

I hope you don't push your body too much, it's obviously telling you something if you're feeling awful by 4. I'd say just ignore the nurse and maybe talk to your boss about leaving work before the 2nd, after all you have been through, you should really get to kick back and enjoy this pregnancy. It's been a long time in coming!

Kristen said...

I cannot believe how quickly your pregnancy is progressing! I agree with Patty H. - be kind to that body of yours!!!!!!