Monday, March 3, 2008

A nice day...

Our babies are growing. They weigh 10 ounces each. Their brains, hearts, kidneys, stomachs..etc all measure great. Baby A is breach and Baby B is reclined across my stomach. Baby A is relaxing and not much of mover and a shaker and Baby B couldn't sit still. One of the placentas is really low so if it doesn't move I won't have a choice but to have a c-section. I have gained 4 pounds, totaling 9 pounds in 20 weeks.

Okay, so the news you've been waiting for. Baby A was sitting down, feet down and refused to open us so we could take a peak but after some struggling and 3 different types of ultrasounds, the tech settled on "It's a Girl". Baby B was bouncing, dancing, open to the world. The tech announced "It's a Girl". Two Girls for us. I am so happy to be having girls. I think it would be a lot of fun. One thing I have trouble thinking about is, I always thought I'd have a boy. I want both of my girls, but I always thought I'd have a boy.

I'm soo happy today. It was great day.


Ariella said...

I just can't belive that they are both girls! I am seriously shocked because I could have sworn on boys.

I am sure it is a shock to know you won't be getting your boy but two girls will be tons of fun and they are going to be so cute in all thier dresses.

And you can always try your hardest to get one of them to be a tom boy! JK!

PS I weighed myself yesterday. Go check out my blog for an update. (I am really proud of myself)

Kristen said...

Congratulations Tina! I am so thrilled to hear that Katherine and Elizabeth are growing beautifully! Can't wait to hear all about your new purchases for them!!!! :-)

Patty H. said...

..whoever Kristen is totally spoiled the surprise of what their names are!

Anyway, congratulation! It's amazing that you're having 2 little girls, and I'm very happy to hear that they are doing so well. You are going to have so much fun shopping for two little girls!

Cibele said...

congratulations, 2 healthy little girls is just awesome!